Corona19 Virus [중앙포토]

About 100 days after the death of a new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) on January 9, the Corona 19 virus is gradually unveiled.
More than two million confirmed confirmers were made worldwide, and more than 150,000 died.

It will be three months since the first confirmed round occurred in South Korea on the 20th.
More than 10,000 confirmed deaths, and 230 deaths.

South Korea has still become a global best practice for prevention, but some countries have been caught up in the Corona 19 virus.
The Corona19 virus is wicked and insidious.

Kwon Jun-wook, deputy director of the Central Defense Countermeasures Headquarters (Bang-Dan), also described the Corona 19 virus as a “very evil virus” at a regular briefing on 16 June.

The virus has shown an optimized appearance for propagation, such as the case of patients receiving a re-positive verdict, even before the symptoms are expressed or have a propagation power.

So how wicked is this virus?
By comparing the characteristics revealed so far with the maneuvers suggested in the Chinese military book “Thirty-Six Systems”, you can see how much the Corona 19 virus is used in a variety of tactics.

“Thirty-six-year-old”, famous for its zulhang, is a Chinese military book that forms a double wall with the “Grandson’s Pathology”, a military book written by his grandson.

Qin Shihuang Terracotta

Countries around the world have declared war on the Corona 19 virus.
In the war against viruses, you need to know your enemies, and you need to know your enemies’ tactics to win.

In “Pores”, section 3 of the Grandson’s Disease Act, “Knowing someone and knowing me is not in jeopardy if you fight a hundred times. If you don’t know your opponent and know me, you win once and lose once. If you don’t know your opponent, you’re in jeopardy every time you fight.”

Portrait of a grandson’s son [중앙포토]

Series 4th Two-Day

Chinese bats that live in China are believed to be the natural host of this new coronavirus following the SARS virus. [중국 바이두 캡처]

It is the fourth book of the thirty-six-year-old world.

It means resting, stockpiling strength, and fighting against tired enemies. It is also taught to wait until the time comes.

Corona19, one of the many coronaviruses hidden in bats or shackles, was looking for an opportunity to infect a man who was a ‘blue ocean’.
There is a theory that people may have been hiding in hiding for a long time.

In 2003, a fellow SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) virus attacked humans, but it was not until a global pandemic that they were captured in a matter of months.
More than 8,000 people were infected worldwide and 774 died.

Patients infected with the corona19 virus with the name second SARS virus (SARS-CoV-2) produces three times as many viruses as sars virus.
The radio power is high.
In Wuhan, China, the reproduction index (R0) was 5.7, with one person spreading to at least five people in the early days of corona 19.

Corona 19’s life rate is currently provisionally counted at 1.77% worldwide.
South Korea is high at 2.16%, but it appears to be due to the lack of a tally of deaths in many countries, including the United States, China, and the United Kingdom.

Corona19 mortality rate is lower than 9.6% sas, 34.5% mers (MERS, Middle East respiratory tract), up to 90% Ebola, but much higher than swine flu 0.07% or seasonal influenza 0.1%.

Corona 19 with a strong propagation rate that is neither too high nor low.
It is a grim virus that does not look at the circumstances of a person and only thinks about numbers.

It is the corona 19 virus that has endured all kinds of suffering in trying to pay off the enemy for 16-17 years.

Third-system driveway murder

Wuhan Fishery Market in Wuhan, China. It is known as the epicenter of Corona 19, but there are still claims that the virus was leaked from the nearby Virology Laboratory. Reuters=Union

It means borrowing a sword from someone else and harming a person.

How did a virus in a bat or a celestial armor attack a person? It was possible because he prayed for the power of man.

Some have come up with a synthetic virus hypothesis. It claims to be an artificially created virus for the development of biological weapons.
However, experts analyzed the genes and concluded that they were derived from the natural world, not artificially created viruses.

There are also claims that the virus has developed since it was missed at the Virology Laboratory in Wuhan, China.
It is based on the evidence that bats with a virus similar to Corona 19 are not the kind of bat that live in Wuhan.

It is claimed that the researchers brought the bat to Wuhan, and that the laboratory researchers buried the virus.

The Wuhan Virus Research Institute is located 12 km from Wuhan’s angry fish market, known as the epicenter of the virus.
On the other hand, it is claimed that the Wuhan Center for Disease Control, which is only 280 meters from the angry fish market, is the actual epicenter.

On The Afternoon of June 6, The Minister of Public Administration and Security visited Incheon International Airport to inspect the corona 19 response site, including the airport entry quarantine system and the installation of an app for self-isolation in the arrivals hall. Provided by The Ministry of Public Administration and Security

Some scholars have argued that Corona 19 may have already begun in southern China in the fall of last year.

The Chinese, on the other hand, argue that the virus may have been carried out by Americans who participated in the World Military Athletic Skating Championships held in Wuhan in October last year.

One thing is clear: man-made aircraft spread rapidly around the world.
The invention of man, the hand of a person would definitely have borrowed.

Sixth-Series Sung-Dong-Saort

A medical staff in protective clothing transports Corona 19 patients at The Shensun San Hospital in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, on February 4. The first Hospital of Changun san was built in ten days. The proliferation of Corona 19 in China is stabilizing, with China establishing a large number of members of The Pangchang Clinic to quarantine patients in hospitals. AP

It means shouting from the east and attacking the west.

Corona19 was initially known as ‘cold pneumonia’ and was known to cause respiratory diseases such as pneumonia.
However, the virus does not only cause respiratory diseases, but also attacks the digestive tract, including the small intestine and large intestine, and can destroy the kidneys.

The virus enters human cells in combination with angiotensin conversion enzyme 2 (ACE2), a protein enzyme in a human cell membrane.
When the ACE2 protein of the cell membrane and the protein of the virus shell is pulled to hold each other face-to-face as the handshake, the virus fuses with the cell membrane.

Large soap bubbles (human cells) and small soap bubbles (viruses) are combined into one.

After the virus and the cell are one, rna, the genetic material of the virus, is released into the human cell.
Virus RNA is made of virus plant by seizing the plant facilities of human cells.

ACE2 protein is present in the epithelial cells of the digestive system, as well as bronchial cells.
it can also be infected through the chapter.

Because of this, there are many cases of diarrhea among patients infected with Corona 19.
Some may have no symptoms at all, such as diarrhea at all, and there are studies that the patient with diarrhea is also more serious corona 19 symptoms.

The Eighth Series of Cancer Jinchang

A medical worker takes care of a patient in the intensive care unit of Succolo Hospital in Barrese, Northern Italy, on September 9 ( local time) in the intensive care unit of Corona 19. Reuters/Yonhap News

Secretly, it means crossing to a place. It is a way of attacking the rear, which is lax.

Corona 19 started in Wuhan, China, but spread throughout the world.
In particular, attacks on South Korea, Iran, and Italy swept through Europe and the United States, including Spain and Germany.

Japan also became serious enough to declare a state of emergency nationwide on 16 June.

Corona 19 is a time when the defense network is lax, and if you’re slowing down, you’ll be able to dig in at any time.
Singapore, which was known to have succeeded in the disaster, also loosened social distances, including the opening of the school, and the number of confirmed patients immediately soared.

On the 16th day, 728 new Corona 19 patients were identified in Singapore, increasing the cumulative number of confirmed patients to 4,427.

The ninth system of the crown ized

U.S. President Donald Trump during a press conference in the Rose Garden of the White House on May 14. President Trump has said he will cut off support, pointing to the World Health Organization’s failure to address the proliferation of Corona 19. EPA=Yonhap News Agency

It means you can look across the river.
It is a step that quietly awaits the chaos to reach the extreme when there is a serious inward inward ness inside the enemy’s allies.

Since the outbreak of Corona 19, the United States and China have been holding each other accountable.
U.S. President Donald Trump has also announced that he is taking responsibility for the World Health Organization and will cut off funding.

China accuses the United States and confronts that the virus is from the United States.
The relationship between South Korea and Japan was also further changed by Corona 19.

There was also a blockade of borders between European countries.
There is even a mask fight among the countries.

When internal strife intensifies, the coalition forces collapse. Collapse is a defeat.
Without international cooperation, Corona19 can never be captured.

The 10th World Of Sorijangdo

Kwon Jun-wook, Director of The Central Defense Countermeasures Division (Director of The National Institute of Health). In a briefing on 16 June, Vice President Kwon described the “Corona 19 virus as a very wicked virus.” Yonhap News Agency

It means to embrace a blade in a laugh. It not only attacks enemies who have slowed down their borders, but also slows down their vigilance.

Corona 19 is asymptomatic propagation or mild symptom propagation is common.

People don’t move around when they’re sick, and the propagation is slow.

Conversely, if the symptoms are weak or wander around, this is a problem if the virus propagation is strong.

As a result, a large number of people may get viruses as “super-preachers.”
The droplets they spit out fly largely with rain, and small aerosols float in the air.

In China, 80% of the recent confirmors are reported to be asymptomatic propagators. 50% cough, but not fever.

It is also common to relapse after healing.
In Korea, 141 people showed a re-positive reaction until the 16th.

The prevention authorities are mindful of cases where the virus is reactivated because of the patient’s weak immunity rather than reinfection.
It is possible that a patient who lives with a cure will become a new preacher.

There is also the possibility of errors in virus scan, there is a possibility that the virus gene (RNA) fragments that do not have a infection power than the complete virus remains detected.
Culture the virus can confirm that there is an infectious power, but it takes a long time.

The 18th King of Gold

Immune T cells in the blood (orange). Red is a red blood cell that carries oxygen, green platelets responsible for blood clotting.

It is the strategy of catching enemies from the boss.

The last line of defense against our bodies from Corona 19 is t lymphocytes (T cells).
Corona19 virus attacks directly, not scaring these T cells, which are responsible for immunity in the human body.

In the case of corona 19 patients it has been confirmed that the number of T cells decreased.

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), sars virus, and mers virus also attack T cells.
In the case of HIV, t cells are made of viruses in their own factories altogether.

The Corona19 virus or the SARS-Mers virus is not as HIV-neutral as it is, but it neutralizes the immune system.

The 31st Series Of Beauty

Medical staff care for children in Wuhan, China, infected with Corona 19. Xinhua-News

It is a ploy to lure the beauty into the bait.

Corona 19 does not use beauty, but it uses cute children.

Children are infected, but most are likely to become asymptomatic propagators because of weak symptoms.
There are also cases where families are transferred while caring for young infected people.

In Italy and Spain, where large families are organized in Europe, it is also pointed out that elderly people who sit on their knees and care for young children have suffered great damage.

Children in the developmental stage have a different immune system than adults, and experts believe that the symptoms are not severe even if they are infected.

Pets such as cats and dogs are also affected by Corona 19.
It can be carried by a person, or it can be moved from a pet.

The 33rd system of anti-gansystem

A spray is sprayed on the mouth sagainst salt water, saying that corona 19 is prevented at the River Church in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province. Central Photo courtesy of Gyeonggi Province

It is a policy to use the enemy spy in reverse.

Fake news and conspiracy theories create confusion and fear, and disrupt the defense.
It’s an infodemic, information epidemic.
Infodemic is a synthesized language of information (information) and endemic (endemic).

A typical example is a case of spraying brine spray in the mouth of worshippers at a church in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, where they claimed to catch the virus.
I put the spray in this person’s mouth, and the virus spread widely.

The conspiracy theory that 5G (fifth-generation mobile communications) caused corona 19 to take place has been attacked by communication towers in the UK and the Netherlands.

Experts who did not grasp the new situation were also taken back as a result.

Wearing a mask is essential in many places due to asymptomatic infections, and until recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) maintained that “healthy people do not need to wear masks.”

In Europe and the United States, corona 19 spread as it spread, and it was later advised to wear a mask.
Now, there are places that mandate wearing masks.

To the spleen step without the pathology

Protein structure of corona19 virus. Central Photo

He hides the measures that are not even in the thirty-six-year-old military. It is a mutation.

Corona 19 virus is a gene RNA.
RNA virus is often a mutation, that is, when the base of the nucleic acid changes.

One of the total 30,000 bases for each breeding cycle (replication cycle) is changed to another.

If the nucleic acid changes, the viral proteins produced by the gene may vary.

This is because the type of amino acids that make up the protein varies.
If the protein varies, the shape of the virus shell may be different, the most developed therapeutic agentor or vaccine may be obsolete.

We developed a vaccine in line with the current shape of the virus shell, and the antibodies in the body may not recognize the mutant virus that has changed the shape of the virus’s shell.
The area where the virus binds to human cells may vary.

If you bind to a receptor other than ACE2, the therapeutic agent will not be heard at all.

Various mutations have already been detected in the corona19 virus, which has spread around the world.
It takes two to three years to develop vaccines or drug development, and mutations are a major threat that could disrupt the enormous efforts that have gone into the development of vaccines and therapeutics at a moment’s notice.

The 36th main phase system: Zulhangrang

Paraisopolis, a slum in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is a combination of the two words of Paradise and Metropolis. Narrow residential areas and poor sanitation have raised concerns about the spread of Corona19. AP

It is the last step of the thirty-six seasons. Getting away is also an excellent strategy.

It is in line with the first system, the Mancheon Sea, that is, crossing the sea from the sky.
The mancheon and haehae is a way to escape from the other party’s view and covertly promote tomorrow.

Corona19 The developed countries that hit the first wave are gradually getting distracted by the worst.
Corona 19 is caught in China and South Korea, and strands are gradually being caught in Europe and the United States.
If these countries refine their lines, they will hit the Corona 19-degree line.

In the northern hemisphere, summer can take refuge in the southern hemisphere, passing there and then moving back to the northern hemisphere in autumn.
If they are driven out of developed countries, they will retreat to developing countries and then return to the big waves.

The development and dissemination of vaccines and drugs will take time.
Defeating Corona 19 with a vaccine is not the end.

Corona 25 may hit the global village in 2025 and Corona 30 in 2030.

If people don’t stop damaging the earth’s ecosystem, the viruses will never recede easily.
Even if i step back, I’ll be back, like the ambassador for the movie Terminator.

Kang Chan-so, environmental journalist

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