Chinese President Xi Jinping (right) inspects the development of the Corona 19 vaccine at the Institute of Military Medicine in Beijing in March. Beijing EPA Union News

China launches massive censorship of Corona 19 paper. The Chinese government has publicly announced that it will decide whether and when to publish the scientists’ corona-related clinical research and papers.

On October 10, The Shanghai Fudan University of China and The China Geological University published the Ministry of Education’s enhanced “guidelines for censorship of papers” on its website, according to the U.S. CNN and Newsweek. According to the Ministry of Education’s new guidelines, papers on corona origin sit in three stages: each university academic committee, the Department of Education’s Department of Science and Technology, and the State Council’s (Executive Branch) Corona Prevention and Control Task Force (TF) to be able to submit journals. Corona research papers, which do not cover the origin, should also be reviewed by each university’s academic committee and subject to a comprehensive assessment of academic values and timely adequacy.

China’s Ministry of Science and Technology has also imposed restrictions on corona-related clinical research. In the guidelines issued on the last three days, he instructed them to “report the research within three days of the commencement of the study.” Although the announcement of the corona study in China was not restricted until the beginning of the corona outbreak earlier this year, the blockade of Wuhan, Hubei Province, the birthplace of the Corona 19 virus, was unraveled in 76 days, and the situation calmed down to a controllable level and changed its attitude abruptly as the international community’s criticism of China grew.

In response, CNN criticized that “China, the birthplace of the Corona 19 epidemic, which killed more than 100,000 people, has entered into record manipulation of the origins of the Corona outbreak.” Professor Steve Chang, of the China Institute of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at The University of London, uk, said, “The chinese government’s best interest is history, not health and economics, and the Chinese authorities have been very focused on where the origin of the corona is perceived since the beginning of the crisis.” This is why there are voices of criticism that China has stepped up its “manipulation of origins” in order to escape the theory of responsibility for corona 19’s pandemic.

As a result, china’s major universities and research institutes announced this month that they would “strictly manage corona-related papers.” It is said that the decision on when to publish a paper is determined by increasing or decreasing the time frame for the examination of research papers. In a 9-day notice, Fudan University stated that “the “Corona Prevention and Control TF” under the Chinese State Council was the policy of the 25th meeting last month. This announcement has now been deleted. On 6 June, The People’s Hospital of Wuhan, China, issued a guideline stating that “papers related to corona origin must be approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology separately.” Previously, it was possible to publish papers only through the university’s academic committee review, but only corona-related papers were added to the government review process.

The Chinese government has been under the squint of the international community for concealing and reducing information related to Corona 19. In late December last year, at the beginning of the corona outbreak, wuhan officials in Hubei Province were caught in the market for “SARS and severe acute respiratory syndrome,” warning that the patients, who are presumed to be SARS (SEVERE ACUTE RESPIRATORY Syndrome), had been caught because they had spread the will. Chinese authorities arrested Chinese President Xi Jinping’s inability to deal with the corona situation, and he arrested chinese lawmaker Xu Zhyung, a jurist who was fleeing, and guoquan, a former Nanjing university professor who posted a post on the Internet exposing corona secrets, was arrested in late February and detained at the Nanjing Second Prison.

Meanwhile, Wuhan City, China, reported the first case of corona associated with the fish market at the end of December last year. Furthermore, some papers published by Chinese scientists have analyzed the potential for wuhan origins and claim that the virus spread earlier than the government’s official announcement. A typical example is a paper published in February by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Beijing Brain Science Center, which raised the possibility that the corona virus may have spread from mid-November, not December last year, and touched on the chinese government’s planting.

▲ Chinese Process Garden yarn from Zhongnansan, known as the “Hero of the Sass Eradication.”. He said the Corona19 virus may have come from a wild animal sold at a market in Wuhan, Hubei Province, and turned it over completely, claiming that the virus may have come from a country other than China. Seoul Shimbun DB

As a result, the Chinese government began to raise questions about the origin of the corona virus. The Chinese government claims that corona’s origins are likely to be the United States and Europe, not China, and that they have responded quickly since the outbreak of the virus in December last year. Chinese state-run media also went out of their way to stress that there were no definitive results on the exact origin. In particular, Chinese Fair Director General Zhongnanshan, who is known as the “hero of the sass eradication,” said at a press conference in February, “Corona 19 was the first to appear in China, but it is not necessarily the case in China, because it did not take into account the foreign situation. He did not provide specific evidence, however. The company estimated that the early corona19 outbreak may have originated from wild animals sold in wuhan markets, which could have been completely overturned and that the virus may have come from a country other than China.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Yi-zen went a step further. He claimed on Twitter last month, “The Corona 19 incident started in the United States, and it was the U.S. military that first spread the virus to China.” Here is the rationale for Zhao’s spokesman: On October 18-27 last year, the 70th anniversary of China’s founding was held in Wuhan, where soldiers from 105 countries, including the United States, participated in 27 events. In the process, the U.S. military has moved the corona virus. The chinese government’s announcement and the scientist’s assertion are the direct backdrop to the censorship of the paper.

Therefore, the Chinese government’s policy of censoring papers is based on the manipulation of origins in order to gain an advantageous position in the international community after the end of the corona. As the corona situation calms down, China denies that it is the birthplace of the Corona virus and attempts to image it as a successful country. Already, state-run media, such as China’s Central Broadcasting Corporation (CCTV), have compiled china’s corona response journals and touted the “success of the disaster.” There is also a testimony that the cover of “The War on the Plague of Great Powers,” a book about the process of corona prevention produced by the Chinese government, has been printed. Professor Steve Chang of the University of London pointed out that “in the corona situation, the Chinese government is more obsessed with record control than public health or economic storm.”

▲ A masked citizen holds a portrait at the Biandan Mountain Cemetery in Wuhan, Hubei Province, the epicenter of the Corona 19 outbreak in China, on January 1. Wuhan AFP Union News

Chinese academia is perplexed. A Chinese researcher, who declined to give a name, said, “The Chinese government is moving with the intention of controlling history as if the origin of Corona 19 was not China,” and that “the authorities seem to have no intention of accepting objective research to investigate the actual origin.” “The world’s scientific community should bear in mind that all papers and research materials published in China have been thoroughly censored by the Chinese government,” he said, adding that “there will be many additional steps between the initial research and the final results.” Another Chinese researcher said, “I’m afraid that the latest findings will be the boss because of the government’s fear that the progress of research in China has slowed.” A Hong Kong medical expert confided, “I wrote a paper on the corona virus with researchers in mainland China in February, but i still can’t make an announcement.”

As of June 16, the corona 19 confirmed number of 700,000 people and 35,000 deaths, and the u.S. media, which has the stigma of being the world’s no.1, has repeatedly raised suspicions that the Corona 19 virus was leaked to the outside world in an accident at the Wuhan City Institute. The Washington Post (WP) reported on 14 March that the U.S. Embassy in China had sent secret information to the U.S. government that “Chinese researchers are studying the corona 19 virus from bats, and the institute is vulnerable to safety management” after visiting the Wuhan Virus Research Institute (WIV) twice in January and March 2018. Fox News also reported that the first Corona19 infection occurred from the bat to humans, and the first patient was a worker at the Wuhan City laboratory.

U.S. President Donald Trump has called for a thorough investigation into the matter. “We’re hearing more and more stories,” President Trump said at a White House press conference, “and we’re conducting a thorough investigation of the terrible situation.” U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also admitted that the U.S. government has been tracking the origins of the Corona 19 virus, saying, “We know that there is a WIV near the Wuhan market in China.”

Kim Kyu-hwan, senior reporter

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