When the Corona Arrow returns, the ruling party of the government “come with an agreement”
After the government ruling party agreed, “a revised budget proposal must be submitted to be examined”
Oshin Hwan “Keep the promise to the people” Jeong Jin-seok “Other words are not good”

On 22 February, the Future Integration Party demanded a “pre-emptive agreement” by the ruling party to avoid the responsibility of negotiating emergency disaster relief to overcome the damage of the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19), but the party’s criticism sparked a scewed ness.

The Unified Party initially opposed the payment of disaster aid in the early days of the Corona political situation, but the former representative, Hwang Kyo-ahn, voted to pay 500,000 won to the nation late in the election. Then, after the general elections, the government reversed the payment of the top 30% of income instead of the national salaries.

While in principle agreed to the payment of emergency disaster assistance to overcome the Korosa situation, the party did not sufficiently coordinate the amount of the payment, and the confusion was self-inflicted. Instead, the ruling party’s push against the government, the “national people’s payment”, which was put on the brakes in a different position than it did in the general elections, was put into the ruling party’s “ankle-catching” frame. When the “arrow” due to delays in the payment of disaster aid returned to the Unified Party, the party leadership turned its back on the ruling party instead of offering a concrete proposal on 22 March.

The Unification Party held a meeting at the Supreme Council this morning to discuss the issue of emergency disaster assistance payments, and demanded that the party first discuss the amount of the payment.
Representative Shim Jae-chul said, “The Future Unified Party has consistently maintained its position that the people should be given corona emergency disaster assistance as quickly as possible, and that financing should not be a way to issue additional deficit bonds, which is a way to put the debt burden on future generations.” Instead, he said, “We deeply regret that the ruling party is misleading us as if our party is opposed to it, blaming the future unification party for the provision of emergency disaster aid, and criticizing the ruling party’s assertion that the process is being delayed by the cancellation of the ruling party’s meeting.”

Shim Said, “The problem is that the current situation should be resolved first by the government with the right to budget ingesting the government and the ruling party in charge of the national government.” Again, the MDP urges the government to come to a speedy process.”

In a meeting with reporters, Senior Vice President Kim Han-pyo told reporters, “If the party agrees, we will follow it,” and he turned the ball back to the ruling party, saying, “If the party party gets an opinion, whether it is 70% or 80%, we will follow it.”

This afternoon, when the MDP and the government agreed to “pay the whole nation” for emergency disaster assistance as a compromise to provide additional funding through voluntary donations of high-income earners, the Unified Party demanded that the revised budget be submitted to the National Assembly as quickly as possible if the MDP agreed with the Government of Moon Jae-in.

Kim Jae-won, chairman of the Unified Party Policy Committee, who chairs the National Assembly’s Budget Settlement Committee, held an emergency press conference at the National Assembly this afternoon, saying, “We do not know that the MDP has agreed with the government specifically, and we do not know that the budget can be reviewed only if we submit a revised budget proposal as soon as possible.”

He also pointed out that “the contents of the MDP announcement itself are not specific,” and criticized the ruling party for offering voluntary contributions from high-income earners as a way to reduce the financial burden, saying, “It is not accurate how we will collect donations and pay back more than 3 trillion won of government bonds by issuing voluntary contributions.”

He continued, “For the third referendum, we will surely have to issue a large-scale treasury bond. For this year’s budget alone, the 60 trillion government bonds issued during last year’s budget review process are based on the possibility that the budget will increase to more than 70 trillion by the end of the year.”

Nevertheless, some in the party point out that since former President Hwang Kyo-ahn pledged to pay the entire nation during the general elections, active negotiations with the ruling party should tie the issue of disaster assistance.

In a post on Facebook, Senator O’Hwan said, “The weight of the ‘horse’ is thousands of dollars, and the weight of the promise should be felt as full,” and during the election, a promotional card news came down from the party that called emergency disaster assistance “500,000 won to the entire nation.” It is not justified to talk about the payment of 70% of the lower income of the government, which represents the government’s position, and it is a violation of the promise.”

He reiterated that “the ruling party is overturning its promise to keep up with the government because it will pay 70% of the income sub-income as the government does, and the chairman of the Policy Committee Kim Jae-won will not discuss this part of the agenda.”

Senator Oh said, “I think we should keep it if we have prepared carefully and promised to the people,” and urged the government to discuss the “payment of 500,000 won to all citizens” and to prepare sustainable emergency assistance measures to prevent the collapse of the self-employed and small business owners, who are not single-term.

Senator Chong Jin-suk also posted on Facebook, “The Future Unification Party announced on April 5 th 500,000 won to the people that they would provide disaster assistance to the people.” At this point after the general elections, such as paying only 70% of the people in the income for disaster assistance, it is not too good to be true.”

On the other hand, Assemblyman Kim Mu-sung said in a Facebook post the day before, “Disaster assistance must be paid as soon as possible,” and that the disaster assistance should be implemented according to the government’s plan to “pay 70% of the income” as the funds created by the people’s taxes must be used efficiently. The ruling party now insists on “100% payment of the entire people,” but it is neither the hope nor efficient of our patriotic people.


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