Since February, major IT exhibitions around the world have been cancelled by Corona 19. (Photo by Pixar Bay)

Since February, the world’s major IT exhibitions have been cancelled in corona 19 in a row, and it is interesting to see if a big international event scheduled for the second half of the year will be held as scheduled.

The remaining events in the second half of this year include IFA 2020 in Berlin, Germany, in early September, and Computex 2020 in Taipei, Taiwan at the end of September. The IFA 2020 is expected to scale down as the German government bans more than 5,000 people from gathering until early October.

Computex 2020 postponed the event from June to September, but the Taiwanese government has a strong quarantine policy, including 14 days of self-quarantine and pre-clearance, which will reduce the number of visitors. With both events scheduled for September, it is time for it to weigh which events each IT company should participate in.

■ IFA 2020 inevitable reduction in corona prevention policy

The IFA, Europe’s largest consumer electronics exhibition, is held every year in Berlin, Germany, in early September. However, the number of corona 19 confirmors in Germany has surpassed 153,000 as of 24 March, and more than 50,000 confirmors are still receiving treatment. The German government also banned more than 5,000 people from attending the gathering until October 24 and mandated that masks be worn.

However, the IFA Organizing Committee has announced that it will proceed normally without cancelling the event on 22 March. The IFA Organizing Committee explained, “We have been discussing the new concept for several weeks with the venue, Messe Berlin, and will soon reveal the specifics of IFA 2020.”

Ifa 2020, which will be held in September, is inevitable. (Photo by Messe Berlin)

Last year, THE IFA attracted a total of 2,000 exhibitors and 245,000 visitors over the six-day event. To meet the 5,000 standard set by the German government, the number of visitors per day must be reduced by more than 80% from 41,000 last year. For this reason, it is inevitable to reduce the size of the event, such as a decrease in exhibitors and a limit on the number of visitors per day.

However, the German government imposed a ban on nationals from outside the EU from 17 May to 15 May last month, and South Korea suspended the visa exemption agreement. Visas must be issued to visit Germany after 15 May, but german embassies in several countries, including South Korea, have now stopped issuing visas. As in the past year, it is realistically limited for many people to watch the IFA.

■ Computex 2020 postponed to the end of September

Computex 2020, the largest PC-related exhibition held in Taipei, Taiwan, in the middle of each year, was significantly reduced to the end of September this year and the use of only the second building of the Nanjing Exhibition Hall. Taitra (TAITRA), which hosts Computex, and the Taipei Computer Association (TCA) have postponed the 2003 sas (severe acute respiratory syndrome, SARS) epidemic from June to September.

Taitra heard McKinsey’s infectious disease report on the grounds that the timing of the event had been postponed to September. “The pandemics in China and East Asia have been stable since the beginning of the second quarter, and the pandemics in Europe and the United States will also decline in June,” Taitra said.

Computex 2019 Nangang Exhibition Hall. (Photo by Taitra)

More than 42,000 people visit the Computex exhibition each year. The majority of them are chinese, Japanese, and Korean nationals. However, while the number of new confirmed co-ordinators of Corona 19 in South Korea and China has dropped sharply to single digits at the end of April, Japan is seeing a sharp increase. As of The 24th, the number of corona 19 confirmors in Japan has surpassed 12,000, and hundreds more new confirmors are occurring per day.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare’s Disease Control Service also maintained an immigration ban that was tightened in mid-March. Currently, only persons who have been granted permission to enter the country after pre-entry must be allowed to enter the country and self-quarantine for 14 days at designated locations in Taiwan after entry. In the absence of easing taiwan’s quarantine measures, it would not make sense to postpone computex.

■ Global IT companies participate in two major events

With IFA 2020 scheduled to be held in early September and Computex 2020 in late September, global companies such as Intel, AMD, Nvidia and Qualcomm are weighing in on both events. With Corona 19 impacting sales and performance, attending both events has become a reality.

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A global corporate insider explained, “Computex is a PC-oriented event, and we believe it is appropriate for IFA to focus on ifa because it is more appropriate to show actual products.”

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