Samsung Electronics donated its products to struggling global countries with Corona 19. (Photo: Samsung Electronics Latin America Newsroom)

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are enhancing their brand image with active donations from korea and around the world in the midst of the Corona 19 crisis.

He looks to be one step ahead for post-corona.

According to the electronics industry and major foreign sources on 24 July, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics continue to donate goods mainly to areas experiencing the Corona 19 crisis, including the United States, The United Kingdom, India, South Africa, and Central and South America.

“In a situation where the world’s developed countries cannot afford to help other countries in the aftermath of the Corona 19 outbreak, the active contribution and support of Korean companies, which have been alleviated prematurely, will positively contribute to the “Korea brand” image,” said Oil Sun, director of the Korea CXO Research Institute, which specializes in corporate analysis.

Mr. Oh also predicted that “even if the amount of support from companies is not necessarily large in those countries, they can be memorable for a long time in locally-assisted communities,” adding, “If these cases are cumulative, they will have a significant impact on corporate preferences and product sales.”

■ Phone, tablet, household appliance donation procession “Hope to contribute to minimize the corona pandemic”

Earlier this month, Samsung Electronics donated 2,000 smartphones to the British National Health Service (NHS) to support field hospital staff. The donated product is known to be available on the Galaxy XCover 4S while wearing gloves. Previously, in the United States, we donated smartphones and tablets to students who had difficulty attending school to help contact isolated Corona19 patients.

According to local sources, such as Mashable, Samsung works with Uk smart device repair company Wipix to support free on-site repair services. It also offers free digital advertising for NHS public health announcements, discounts for NHS staff and priority delivery.

Samsung Spain is working with Save the Children, an international relief development civil and social organization (NGO), to support 600 tablets for online learning of vulnerable children in the corona 19 situation. This is part of Save the Children’s campaign on ‘By Your Side’. The campaign was launched with the aim of providing economic, educational, and psychological support to families with children at risk of alienation in the context of the Corona19 crisis.

In South Africa, we partner with The African telecommunications company Telcom to support those at the forefront of Corona 19. 1,500 handsets were donated to the areas that were hit hardest. These products will be linked free of charge for six months in telcom’s ‘Primi’ package. “In South Africa, most people don’t have smartphones, so it’s likely that they’re going to be used to quickly identify their paths,” Samsung said.

Samsung also sponsored electronic products in Central and South America in hospitals in Costa Rica and Ecuador, as well as in Brazil, Argentina, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Samsung Electronics Corona 19 provides free smartphone repair services to its medical staff.

Through the National Emergency Committee of Costa Rica, Samsung Has donated items such as TVs, smartphones, tablets and smartwatches to the National Rehabilitation Hospital. It is intended to help hospital staff, such as patient care. In Ecuador, equipment was donated to the Antigua Maternidad Enrique Sotomayor Hospital, which is being converted into a hospital dedicated to treating Corona19 patients. According to the local foreign ministry, the Guayaquil municipality also has air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, and He donated 30 kinds of home appliances, including TVs.

LG Electronics has donated appliances such as water purifiers, air conditioners and refrigerators to more than 50 hospitals in India. At the same time, we partnered with Aksaya Patra, an NGO that runs a catering program throughout the country, to provide meals for one million unpaid wage workers due to the blockade.

LG Electronics also provided 100 laptops to Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo in Brazil. It is intended to help support treatment facilities such as patient registration and hospital bed management. 100 smartphones were also provided to facilitate communication with medical personnel working in treatment facilities.

In Korea, LG Electronics donated air purifiers, dryers, stylers and other appliances to local health centers and hospitals at each of its sites, including Changwon, Gumi, Pyeongtaek, and Incheon. Following the delivery of 100 million won worth of household appliances at the Changwon plant last month, the company also donated appliances to local medical institutions at the Gumi, Pyeongtaek, and Incheon sites.

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On 26 July, Samsung agreed to provide a total of KRW 30 billion in emergency assistance, including medical supplies and necessities, to participate in social efforts to overcome the Corona 19 crisis.

‘The real corona starts at 2Q’… Samsung LG continues emergency management

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics delivered preliminary results that exceeded market forecasts in the face of new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) in q1

LG, Indonesia provide emergency assistance with Corona19 diagnostic kit

LG Group announced on 31 March that it had agreed to donate 50,000 test-at-test corona19 diagnostic kits to the Indonesian government. To donate diagnostic kits, LG Electronics, LG

Samsung LG, Hyundai, Corona 19 blockade india donation procession

Domestic companies are handing out helping India, which is struggling with a new type of coronavirus infection (Corona 19). Their Indian production base sits at Corona 19

Earlier, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics also supported 36,000 smart devices for low-income students in Korea, ahead of the online opening of elementary, middle and high schools nationwide. Samsung Electronics donated 30,000 Galaxy Tab A 8.0 and LG Electronics donated G-Pad 3 8.0 6000.

Samsung Electronics said, “We are honored to support Samsung’s community initiatives for joint welfare. We will continue to work with the community to find ways to become stronger,” he said, “and we hope to contribute to minimizing the impact of the Corona 19 pandemic.”

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