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New corona virus infection (Corona 19) caused by the world’s non-face-to-face (untapped) consumption activity is rapidly spreading. Accordingly, governments and industries around the world, including Korea, are rushing to come up with countermeasures in response to changes in the new business landscape after Corona.

Corona19’s non-face-to-face trends and changes in the way businesses operate, such as telecommuting, are expected to act as triggers to accelerate the paradigm shift to the cloud.

Microsoft has announced a 775% increase in cloud demand in areas where corona virus is underway to socialdistance. In addition, according to a recent survey of 660 KOREAN IT professionals by Korea IDG, 92% of respondents said they would use the cloud for their work within a year, and based on this, Korea IDG predicted that this year will be the first year of cloud popularization and that cloud 2 will begin in Korea.

President Moon Jae-in showed a strong commitment to the development of digital-based non-face-to-face industries and innovation growth during the post-Corona era at the State Council on 14 and the fifth emergency economic meeting on 22 March. In addition, at the “Second ICT Contingency Meeting” held by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Information and Communication on 16 June, the “Second ICT Contingency Meeting” to overcome the corona crisis was announced on strengthening digital infrastructure such as the cloud, and promoting integrated linkage and utilization policies of innovative technologies leading to artificial intelligence (AI) and big data-cloud.

In the post-corona era, the 24th exem (representative control arm) is also getting faster. Corona 19 continues to grow in sales in the first quarter, while Corona 19 is busy creating new growth opportunities with leading technology to meet the cloud conversion needs of companies that are accelerating in the wake of Corona 19.

First, Exem continuously monitored the DBMS market and environmental changes to anticipate the “cloud transition” paradigm as a new inflection point, and proactively responded to the dbpm (Database Performance Monitoring) market in Korea, complete with the “MaxGauge” cloud-oriented DBMS monitoring service model.

In particular, the “MaxGauge” cloud-oriented DBMS monitoring service is receiving high attention in the Japanese market, where demand for IT performance management continues to increase due to the lack of engineers.

In recent years, takagi, a Japanese water purifier and horticultural irrigation products specialist with approximately 670 employees and sales of approximately KRW 286.1 billion in 2019, signed a contract to supply “Max Gauge” for the cloud, and was recognized for its cloud-based DB performance management technology.

Takagi’s introduction of the “MaxGauge” DBMS monitoring service for the cloud enabled us to save server deployment and operating costs at a low initial adoption cost, and even in the event of a DB system failure, the remote DBA (DataBase Administrator, Database Administrator) made it easy to get service support from DB experts.

With the ‘MaxGauge’ DBMS monitoring service for the cloud, Exem plans to acquire not only existing enterprise customers, but also small and medium-sized enterprises in Korea, and expand its customer base. We have also completed technical verification to monitor in the cloud environment for the 9 commercial and open source DBMS of the most domestic DBMS performance monitoring software vendors, including Oracle DBMS supported by MaxGAge.

In partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), we are expanding our experience in developing public cloud Aurora DB monitoring software and researching a variety of public cloud DBMS monitoring technologies.

Exem also provides all-in-one integrated control services for large-scale IT infrastructure and services in the cloud environment to enterprises that are transitioning their IT environments to hybrid or multi-cloud with cloud-native architecture integration control solutions developed in-house.

In addition, anomaly detection and multi-dimensional service monitoring using AI are added to maximize the efficiency of IT operations for enterprise customers in the cloud environment.

Exem is rapidly responding to market and customer needs by developing and applying new features such as VM environment monitoring, service monitoring, central licensing management, and easy installer to CloudMoa, while upgrading to rights management capabilities, supporting user authentication, and user-centric dashboards.

In addition, we plan to have a forward-looking collaboration system to target cloud-native market demand by strengthening partner systems with operators such as managed service providers (MANAGED Service Providers), Cloud Service Providers (CSP), and PaaS platform companies. In addition, Exem has recently recruited a wide range of cloud consultants.

Exem’s ‘Cloudmoa’ Infrastructure Real-Time Topology Screen

Exem also expands its consulting and deployment business centered on cloud moa solutions. Accordingly, from May, we are planning a free promotion for cloud-building customers to experience monitoring with “Cloud Moa”. The promotion is aimed at customers who operate a Cloud Platform based on Cumbernetis and a cloud system in a typical VM environment, and is also planning a SaaS-style promotion. Exem plans to lead the cloud monitoring market with this promotion.

Exem also brings together strategic investment firm Inslabs (Cumbernetis-based managed container services) and business partner enterprise Innry (fingerprint-based compliance security) and its subsidiary Shin Shiway (Access Control) technology to provide the only “one-stop cloud infrastructure innovation service” in Korea covering all areas of container-based cloud environment monitoring, operations, pre- and after-sales security. This will further expand contacts with customers who are considering streamlining monitoring the cloud environment based on Cumbernetis, which is now at the fore.

In particular, Inslab is highly valued for its growth potential in the cloud-native market by developing gantry, a platform that provides the various container services needed in the pipeline and building devops environments in the Cumbernetis-based container environment.

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“Despite this year’s corona crisis, we are continuing to increase sales based on high product competitiveness and a solid business system, while also preparing for market changes that post-Corona has undertaken, creating new growth opportunities with leading technologies,” said Mr. Exem, “and we look forward to making another leap forward by taking advantage of the key companies leading the cloud transition era.”

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