It’s a start-up era. The domestic startup craze, which began in 2010, has grown rapidly over the past decade. South Korea has quickly become the world’s fifth-largest startup powerhouse with 11 unicorn companies. Competitive start-ups such as Kupang, The Elegant Brothers, Yanolja and Blue Hole have penetrated into our real life, and many startups who are dreaming of success are now challenging themselves in the face of fierce competition. As a result, IT Dong-a is [주간투자동향]in summary.

Attracted investment from four companies, including Urban Base and New World I&C

Urban Base, a 3D spatial data platform, attracted investment from New World I&C. The existing investor Umi Construction also made subsequent investments, and inlight ventures and Breeze Investments also participated in new investments. The specific amount of the investment is private.

This investment is significant because of the increased uncertainty caused by Corona, which has led to a surge in investment in technology startups, involving a variety of investors from large companies to midsize companies, corporate venture capital (CVC) and venture capital (VC). Urban Base believes that in the post-corona era, the company’s expectation swelled to digital, acknowledging the technology and marketability of the untapped field.

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All urban bass technologies and services are based on non-face-to-face conditions. Connect businesses and customers online or mobile without a separate offline space. “3D home interior simulation” which can experience home design in the desired style in a virtual space, “AR viewer” to create an augmented reality environment, etc. has already been utilized as a customer communication tool by domestic consumer electronics, furniture and interior brands such as LG Electronics, Percy Group, ace bed.
Japan’s tangible results also positively contributed to the investment. Urban Base has signed contracts with Japanese real estate and furniture and household goods companies since its establishment in August last year. Urban base technology could be provided in the distribution industry outside the real estate sector.

Umi Construction, which invested last year, will collaborate in the long term to design a business model in the field of proptech. Venture Capital Breeze Investment, a venture capital firm founded by Direct Tech, was also newly involved in the investment.

Urban Base plans to build a platform to consolidate all services into one and expand to B2C through this investment. In addition, local marketing will be conducted to coincide with the launch of the first service in Japan in the second half of this year.

Catch table attracts 3.5 billion won investment

Catch Table ( formerly table note), a real-time restaurant reservation platform startup, attracted 3.5 billion won in investment. Last year, Catchtable attracted 3.1 billion won to attract series A investment, and the cumulative investment attracted exceeded 8 billion won. The investment involved four companies: Company K Partners, DSC Investments, KTB Network, and Dev Sisters Ventures. Company K Partners is a new investment company.

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Founded in January 2018, catchtables continue to grow, with 1,400 merchants as of April 2020. Customers who have introduced “Catch Table Store” are franchise stores such as Cj Jejeong, SG Dyne Hill, Vikings Warp, Jumbo Seafood, Dr. Robin, JS Garden, and Sun at Food.

Based on this growth, CatchTable plans to officially launch “CatchTable”, a real-time restaurant reservation app for consumers, in the first half of this year. The catch table is an app that allows you to search for and book restaurants that can be booked in the conditions by entering the desired date, time, and number of people. It provides a search for the different conditions required for booking, making it easy to book restaurants that are difficult to book over the phone.

ThorDrive attracts 8.4 billion won investment

ThorDrive, a startup that developed the urban self-driving vehicle “Snouber,” has attracted $6.9 million (approximately KRW 8.4 billion) in pre-series A investment. To date, the cumulative investment amount is $9.4 million.

TorDrive attracted investment from the New Technology Investment Association (Hereinafter, Embford) and POSCO’s GEM1 fund (operator POSCO Technology Investments) formed by Kium Securities and Emford Equity Partners. The investment is led by Kium Emford, and POSCO has been involved in Strategic Investor (SI).

With this investment, ThorDrive plans to increase the performance of four or five fully autonomous driving solutions and develop autonomous driving technology that can be combined with real-world services in the near future.

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TorDrive develops comprehensive solutions and platforms for fully autonomous driving. Based on self-driving technology developed in-house for the past 10 years, the company is currently testing four levels of autonomous driving technology on public roads in downtown Seoul. In November 2018, the company provided delivery services using ACE HARDWARE and autonomous vehicles in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley. In October 2019, e-mart conducted a pilot test of its self-driving delivery service.

This year, ThorDrive plans to operate in Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of Incheon International Airport, with autonomous private transportation for the weak. In the U.S. market, the company plans to develop new self-driving vehicles, introduce pilot services, and open new markets.

Puzzle Data Attracts 2.3 Billion WON Series A Investment

Puzzle Data (Puzzle Data, CEO Kim Young-il) attracted 2.3 billion won of Series A investment from hyundai technology investments, susim start-up investments, and Korea Growth Financial Investment Management, including existing investment firms Inright Ventures and Samsung Venture Investments. The cumulative investment amount is KRW 2.7 billion. ProDiscovery is a process mining platform developed in-house and has been selected as the leading global process mining company for the second consecutive year in three years, the only asian company to have puzzle data. Since 2017, sales have grown by more than 300% annually.

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Process mining is a technique for analyzing event log data from an enterprise IT system to visualize business processes. Visualized business process maps allow you to analyze individual performance, or perform simulations before finding and reflecting improvements. In addition, the process map can act as a digital transformation map that the company wants to perform.

The global process mining market growth prospects are bright. Research and Markets predicted that the process mining market will grow by more than 50% annually to KRW 1.5trillion in 2020, and MarketWatch will grow by more than 50% annually from 2018 to about KRW 1.8trillion by 2023., a reporter for Kwon Myung-kwan, an IT specialist at

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