In the top 10, Lee Jae-yong, vice chairman of Samsung Electronics, is in the top 10 in three months. (Data= Global Big Data Research Institute)

A big data analysis of Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong showed that the number one in the association was related to the new corona virus infection (Corona 19) and “management” related.

Despite the fact that the special prosecutor’s team recently filed a challenge against Vice President Yi, the people are more interested in dealing with the economic crisis led by Samsung Group in the Corona 19 crisis.

On 27 January, the Global Big Data Research Institute analyzed the associated language speaking for Vice President Lee Jae-yong in the last three months from January 26 to April 25. The institute analyzed big data for 12 channels, including news, community, blog, café, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Cacao Story, intellectuals, corporate and organizational government, and the public. The number of posts analyzed is 41,305, and the total number of surveys in these postings is 123,805.

The analysis showed that the top 30 related to Vice President Lee Jae-yong was corona 19 (including new viruses) with a total of 23,145 cases. It was 91.42% more than the second-place related language , Seoul (12,091 cases). In the case of the second-place “Seoul” keyword, it emerged as the Meeting of the Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Seoul as a meeting place for economic revival in the corona 19 event hosted by President Moon Jae-in on February 13.

The meeting was attended by President Park Yong-man, Chairman of the Korean Association of Executives, Son Kyung-sik, Vice Chairman of Samsung Electronics Lee Jae-yong, Choi Tae-won, Chairman of SK Group, Gukwangmo LG Group Chairman, Hwang Hwang Kyu Lotte Jiju, Chairman of CJ Group, and Yun Yeo-chul, Vice Chairman of Hyundai Motor.

On the same day, Samsung Compliance Committee held a meeting at samsung life in Seocho-gu, Seoul. During this period, Vice President Lee Jae-yong’s total number of posts was posted to 4,517 posts per day on February 13.

The third-place keyword was “management”, 11,400 cases, the fourth keyword was “business”, 9,974 cases, and the fifth place was “Chairman” 9,590. The keyword “Chairman” is due to the fact that the names of the other group presidents were mentioned during the management process and the meeting. The sixth place was “The Situation” (9,221 cases), many of which were corona 19-related, followed by 9,142 “government” in seventh place, 8,648 in the eighth place, 8,545 visits to “no” in ninth place, and 8,265 visits.

In addition, 8,811 “production”, 7,937 crises, 7,698 companies, 7,698 ‘representatives’, 7,627 ‘representatives’, 7,582 ‘affiliates’, 7,545 ‘correspondence’, ‘World (6,786 cases) and ‘Semiconductor (6,766) were also included in the top 300 keywords. The Institute’s analysis shows that the people’s desire for the semiconductor industry to continue to grow in the corona crisis has been fulfilled.

In conclusion, most of the relevant words up to the top 30 were words or evaluations (not) related to the vice president’s Corona 19 response or business field visits. Vice President Lee Jae-yong’s top 30 negative terms were part of the 24th-ranked “suspicion” and “Seoul” keywords, according to the Institute.

In the case of “Offer,”, which was ranked 22nd, there were negative associations, such as bribery of state-run farms, and there was also a positive that the vice president provided self-isolated employees with anti-infection supplies such as hand sanitizers and hand washes, as well as household items such as simple meals. In the case of “CEO,” Samsung Electronics’ “No.1 Annual Salary” emerged as a related keyword in the process of chairman Kwon Oh-hyun receiving 4.6 billion won and receiving receiving from various representatives, including Kim Ki-nam and GoDong-jin. The vice president was unpaid last year. Since August of last year, the “extradition trial” and “trial” of “state-run farming organizations” and “special prosecutors” have all failed to make the top 30.

Of these related languages, there was no one before January 25, and after January 26, the new “Top 30” was also number one, followed by “Spread,” “Samsung Display,” “Conference,” and “Encouragement.” “Apologies” related to the recommendations of samsung compliance committee sat in seventh place, “hospital” ranked 13th, “illegal” was 14th, and the other 30 related words were mostly related to corona 19 response or management related.

Naver was ranked 11th in the association because of the fact that many people cited the article “Link”, which states that Vice Chairman Yi folded the LCD and switched to QD just a few days after he visited Samsung Display’s Asan business and checked its business strategy, the institute said.

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“After analyzing more than 1.23 million data, the public expects Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong’s role in the Corona 19 crisis, and there are few related references to the trial, samsung biologics, Samsung C&T and Samsung C&T-Cheil Industries merger, and so on,” the institute official said.

(Data= Global Big Data Research Institute)

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