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President Yi’s remarks on “Resumption of North-South Cooperation”
Red tape hangs, behind Kim’s back
Suncheon fertilizer plant appeared ahead of farming season on Labor Day
“Death theoryIt’s not true… I was watching when it would reappear.”
“As there is corona p’yongyang proliferation, the resumption of public activities should be watched”

On May 2, the Korean Central News Agency reported that Kim Jong-un attended the official opening of the Suncheon Infertilizerplant factory on 1 May, which was Labor Day (5/1). /Captured by The Korean Central News Agency

North Korea’s State Councilor Kim Chong-il, who was raised over his health, appeared in North Korean state-run media on 2 February. The Korean Central News Agency said, “The completion of the Suncheon-in Fertilizer Plant was held on May 1, the international holiday of workers around the world,” said Kim Chong-il, chairman of the State Council of the Workers’ Party of Korea, chairman of the State Council of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and kim Jong-un, the supreme commander of the Armed Forces of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and his comrade Kim Chong-il, the highest commander of the armed forces of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, attended the semi-ceremony.

The broadcast showed Kim Jong-un breaking red tape, while his brother, First Vice President Kim Jong-il, watched with joy behind him. Kim Jong-un, dressed in a black people’s suit, had some flesh on his face compared to the beginning of the year. Kim Chong-il’s appearance at the public statue comes just 20 days after he presided over a meeting of the Political Bureau held at the Headquarters of the Workers’ Party of Korea in P’yongyang on November 11.

Kim Jong-un has been abducted for 21 days after watching the New Year’s celebrations on January 25. Three months later, the scandal began again, and on The 15th of Last Month, President Kim Il-song’s 108th birthday (Sun Day) event was not attended, and personal anomalies were raised. Since then, north Korean media have reported that he has been “treated with cardiovascular disease” or “underwent surgery and fell into an unconscious (coma) condition.”

In addition, a corona occurred in P’yongyang, and rumors circulated that kim Jong-un’s bodyguards and other confidants had been infected with the corona and had fled to Wonsan to avoid it. There was also speculation that his sister, First Vice President Kim Tae-chung, had taken over the reign of Kim Tae-chung, without attending the 25th Day of the People’s Revolutionary Army’s founding. Earlier in the day, The Future Korean Party’s proportional representative, Ji Sung-ho, a human rights activist from North Korea, claimed, “Kim Jong-un has already died last week, and 99% are 99% sure that he will announce this fact this weekend.”

Kim Jong-un attended the official opening of the Suncheon Infertilizerplant factory on January 1. Factory foreground photos. / Captured by The Korean Central News Agency

In the past, North Korea has responded immediately to Kim Chong-il’s personal anomalies, but this time, the question was amplified without appearing in the public seat for up to three weeks. Instead, Kim Jong-un sent a letter to foreign heads of state, or a letter of thanks to the builders of the Samjie and Wonsan Karma districts.

Kim Chong-il’s appearance in the North Korean media on the same day led him to dispel these observations. Kim Yong-hyun, professor of North Korea studies at Dongguk University, said, “It has proved to be true that we have heard the “death theory” surrounding Chairman Kim Chong-il, and chairman Kim has been burdened by popular activities in the prevention of health in the corona situation, but it must have been the same as usual.”

Kim Jong-un’s resumption of activities at the Suncheon Fertilizer Plant appears to have demonstrated his willingness to “break through” sanctions against the international community in the face of sanctions against North Korea. After working-level negotiations with the United States were concluded in Stockholm, Sweden, on October 4 last year, North Korea said, “Because negotiations with the United States will be a long-term war, we will break through with self-regeneration” (the 5th Workers’ Party of Korea Power Meeting at the end of last year).

The Suncheon Infertilizerplant is also the first local map site of this year’s visit by Kim Jong-un on January 7. At the time, Kim Jong-un said, “I visited to reiterate that the construction of the Suncheon-in fertilizer plant is one of the most important targets of the party’s economic work in 2020, the first year of the war.” Kim Jong-un appeared in a black leather coat at the time and caught the eye.

On May 2, the Korean Central News Agency reported that Kim Jong-un attended the official opening of the Suncheon Infertilizerplant factory on 1 May, which was Labor Day (5/1). /Yonhap News

It is also said that the company has begun its “economic scrutiny” by establishing a fertilizer production base, an essential element of food production, in the wake of the agricultural season. North Korea has operated the South Heung Youth Chemical Association Enterprise Center in Pyeongnam, suncheon lime nitrogen fertilizer plant, and fertilizer plant in Hwanghae Province, saying that it will increase agricultural production to relieve severe food shortages.

Kim Dong-yop, a professor at the Institute for Far Eastern Affairs at Kyungnam University, said, “We made our first economic move except for the last p’yongyang hospital,” and said, “There have been observations that Kim Chong-il thinks that the coroner will not have any results in the economy and that he intends to avoid responsibility, and that this assessment is disparcast.” He added, “It should be noted that the official move was resumed on Labor Day.”

In Suncheon, South Pyongan Province, there is a coalition enterprise center in Suncheon Vinalon, where Kim Il-song has used much of the propaganda of the system. Prof. Kim Dong-yop said, “The Suncheon-in Fertilizer Plant is considered one of the greatest buildings of the Juche era created in the Kim Il-sung era, but it appears to have been built on the site of the vinalon plant, which has not been fully operational, and shows kim jong-un’s determination not to repeat the black history of his past failures in the economy.”

Although Kim Jong-un appeared in public seats in 20 days, his health is yet to be identified. It remains to be seen if he will continue his public activities. Professor Kim Dong-yop said, “The activities of North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong-un, are not only related to personal health concerns, but also the corona situation in North Korea.”

North Korean State Councilor Kim Chong-il attended the official ceremony of the Suncheon Infertilizerplant on January 1, which was Labor Day (5/1), the Korean Central News Agency reported on 2 May. /Captured by The Korean Central News Agency

With Kim Chong-il’s official appearance, government authorities are expected to speed up North-South cooperation. President Moon Jae-in expressed his intention to speed up North-South cooperation on the occasion of the Corona response, saying that “the Corona 19 crisis could be a new opportunity for North-South cooperation” at a meeting of senior ch’ongwadae chiefs and advisors on 27 April, the second anniversary of the P’anmunjom declaration.

Prof. Kim Yong-hyun said, “Corona may be the trigger for the active restoration of North-South relations,” and said, “If the authorities do not directly engage in preventive cooperation and medical cooperation due to corona, it would be better to start first through civilian international organizations such as UNICEF.” He went on to say, “We will have to move toward progress in humanitarian areas and the restoration of North-South relations.”

The government has maintained its position at the National Security Council meeting on 23 March that chairman Kim “confirmed that there is no specific trend” in the ongoing speculation about Chairman Kim’s personal remarks. Authorities identified him as staying in Wonsan, Gangwon, for an unidentified period, and conducting normal activities, such as local guidance. Prof. Kim Yong-hyun said, “I know that Kim Jong-un did not raise the radius of his activities, and that the intelligence authorities were checking that he was working as usual.”

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