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Corona19 Is a live experience of a head office reporter who sent his confirmed son to the hospital and entered self-isolation. His son, who had been hospitalized, was also cured and the family received a voice judgment, but he did not reveal his real name because of concerns that it could cause anxiety for those around the living area. Thank you for your patience.

The 14-day quarantine ended with a text notification called “Voice” from the health center. The isolation time that went so slowly, as the words “some of them say yeosamchu”, is like a moment when i receive the result of the voice that was waiting for the mistrial. It was a time when one of the couples spent a breath of no fear of being bisexual. When one came out, he sent two problems, and even hundreds of hundreds of problems related to the two, so he was careful and careful.

I was trapped in the fear of contact. I was surprised if anyone had just coughed, and because i was wearing a mask for a long time, I doubted the symptoms even if my throat was slightly cut. I slept twice a day with a cheap thermometer to measure my body temperature. The dining chairs, door knobs, refrigerator handles, and so on were often sprayed with disinfectant sawing on all areas of the house, washing their hands to soothe their anxiety.

So i spent 14 days. He asks if the couple’s relationship has become stronger because of the ridiculousness around them, but it’s a million words. My strict defense guidelines have come to the point where i am more tired of human viruses than corona viruses. My wife lived separately in the annex, and I was in a doorway. I prepared rice and side dishes separately, and my wife ate alone at the dining table and the dining room, and at the temporary table on the veranda. They wore masks when they left their rooms, and if possible, kept a separate life without encountering each other. Like Wuhan in China, i personally experienced that the statistic sceitrate of divorce during the quarantine period was not false.

On January 27, Seoul National University Hospital was the first corona 19 meeting in China where a Korean patient infected with Corona 19 was hospitalized. Since then, he has attended the National Central Medical Center’s Isolation Room, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul Metropolitan Medical Center’s isolation ward, and Seoul Central District Office Screening Clinic. Then, on February 19, he went on a two-day business trip to Daegu after a surge in confirmed numbers due to the 31st patient who was a shincheonji member in Daegu.

When I was interviewing in Seoul, I thought that wearing a mask should not be a big concern, but the atmosphere was a little different from the time I went down to Daegu on the KTX. The passengers in the back seat were worried about coughing. From then on, I started taking notes on my phone notepad. I used my seat number and meticulously recorded the people I met with. I also recorded the train time and the number of carriages i boarded when I went to work. I wore masks all day long and used the cafeteria mostly by myself late at night. He didn’t eat with his wife at home and was almost isolated, like the Jill bone instructions.

On the afternoon of February 25, there are few people getting off or riding the KTX train from Seoul, which arrived in dongdaedistrict. Yonhap News Agency

By the time he had completed his quarantine in early March, the situation outside the country was deteriorating. As time passed, New York, USA, with his son, who had gone abroad, was also worse. On the morning of March 18, i decided to rush my son back home because the situation in New York seemed to get worse. Immediately, the family discussed their return home through the dantok room. She called the airline and travel agency several times to change her son’s flight ticket, which is already scheduled for May, but he didn’t make the call. I went to the airline’s homepage and searched for airfare slot around 1.5 million won for the usual round-trip, which was around 4 million won one way, and i could hardly purchase it. He asked his son to look for a way to buy it locally, because it was good not to be a national flag. After a while, Korean Air was informed that a ticket for a delta flight to the United States for a transfer was 10.6 million won. I made a payment immediately. It took less than 30 minutes to decide to return home and buy tickets.

His son’s apartment was closed and he decided to hand it over to another student who had escaped. All i had to do was pack my luggage. I decided to return home at 9pm local time, and the next day I had to fly at 11am. At the end of this semester, he said he would withdraw completely from graduation, so he even greeted his acquaintances and went to the airport. I was anxious and waited for the call to get on the plane safely. After a short time of departure and arrival at the airport, the sudden return flight seemed to be perfectly successful, with the text finally waiting for the boarding in front of the gate.

But that wasn’t the end. My son was informed that his flight had been cancelled 10 minutes before departure time. The alternative flight was a difficult journey through three cities in the United States. I didn’t have to cover up the hot rice, so I had to catch it. At this time, a usfki at this time was given a much better flight to the USFK, and the phrase “US ARMY” was worn by Katusa, and he braved the clear sweatshirt, which took 24 hours to get a flight through LA. But again, he had to travel from LaGuardia airport to JFK airport to find the luggage he had loaded onto the plane two hours after departure.

It was a physically tight time, but his son was frantically traveling with the U.S. military in a taxi provided by the airline. When we arrived at the gate after barely completing the procedure, five minutes before the departure time, there was another reversal in the process. With the departure time imminent, a vacancy was created and a direct Korean Air seat was given directly to Incheon. It was lucky that the schedule for three cities in the United States was changed to non-stop seats at no additional charge. I was able to breathe a sigh of relief when my son received a “boarding finish” text from sitting in the seat of the plane.

Passengers from the United States arrive at Terminal 2 of Incheon International Airport on March 27. Kyunghyang Shimbun Photo Archive

March 19 afternoon. I asked the company to pick me up by car to get home by public transport. My son, who can’t drive, had no choice but to get out of the way to cut down on his contacts. She then stressed to her son and wife that they should go into self-isolation for 14 days, and that they should be thoroughly sanitary. When I left work on Friday evening, the day after i returned home, I received a phone call from my son that he had a slight sense of dysnodoment. I had no fever and my neck seemed to be a little sore, but when I went to work, there were no symptoms and my body temperature was normal. I was tired of having a tough 24-hour back-home war, so I decided to take a break from it, and when I looked at saturday and Sunday, my body temperature was still normal and there were no doubts.

However, he reiterated that the entire family should be careful during the self-isolation period, and he had to use the toilet separately with his son and eat rice in his son’s room with a picnic table. Disinfectant sanitized medicine sanitized from time to time in the area of contact with the mungol, and the hygiene was followed steadily. In retrospect, these five days were the most dangerous time for our family. The virus was an invisible danger, but from the beginning of the situation, i felt that the worst could have been avoided because i had moved as I had seen and felt.

On March 23, my son woke up in the morning and told me to walk to the screening clinic because he didn’t know about it, so he decided to take a test. There were no symptoms, so when i received a confirmation notice a day after the check-up, I was devastated. Shortly after receiving the confirmation notice of his son, our couple were examined immediately. Having stayed at a house with my son for only five days, the probability that our couple was infected was very high. As such, the impatience was extreme until the results were notified within 23 hours of the inspection. On Friday, March 20, I remembered a colleague who worked with me, Sau, who had accidentally sat down at the cafeteria, and a drink of makgeolli after work. When I got home from work, i thought i was a bomb because of the boss who accidentally got on the elevator. After the sample was collected, i was told later that the company had moved with the worst in mind until the results came out. I realized that it was not just a situation, but a work of all.

The information i heard in advance was positive, the health center staff will notify you directly by phone, and if you are speech, you will be notified by text. As the time approached, nerves were all focused on the phone. Then, an hour earlier, i received a call with a health center number. At one point, his legs shook. Imagining the worst possible consequences, he answered the phone, went through a simple identification process, and casually informed him about the upcoming procedure, saying, “The test results are negative.” As soon as my phone call was over, my wife in the room came out with a sigh of relief, saying she had received a voice notification. I immediately informed the company and all of the close contacts who were waiting for my results. It was a good thing.

Medical staff rest at a drive-thru screening clinic on March 24. Kyunghyang Shimbun Photo Archive

From then on, he entered self-isolation for two weeks. On the second day of self-isolation, health workers came home. When I went out, two large boxes and bottled water were in front of the front door. The official sought to ensure that the self-isolationist was not exposed to neighbors. Adding rice, cans of tuna, seaweed, and ready-to-eat food to the ingredients in the refrigerator of the house seemed to be enough to last throughout the quarantine period.

The question was how to overcome boredom by spending every day. Even in isolation, i moved as usual as usual because I thought it would be difficult if the rhythm of life was broken. I woke up at the same time as normal and replaced my breakfast with a glass of soy bean powder, and when I looked at the newspaper meticulously, it was close to noon. We had lunch in the company cafeteria for lunch. Because of the low momentum, the amount of food was only about half the usual. In the afternoon, i spent time watching books on the couch or watching movies on TV. Dinner was a simple meal with vegetables. I spent an hour riding an indoor bike, sit-ups, dumbbells, and walking in the living room. One day, i played a CD i bought from a concession company, and i was 108 times as good as the sound of the neck.

While running the refrigerator, a friend who lived in the distance sent me two boxes of vegetables and kimchi, and one day a senior picked up a box of fruits, meat, and vegetables and left it at the front door. I didn’t know much about it, but the help and comfort that some of my acquaintances had quietly given me was a great help in getting back from my quarantine.

When the afternoon sun was shining on the veranda window, I grabbed a cup of tea and a book and gave a sunflower. The apricot flowers and magnolias that were in full bloom outside the window were lost, and on the first day of quarantine, the cherry blossoms, which showed no sign of flowering, shook the petals. Sometimes residents wear masks and see the courier vehicles coming and going from time to time, realizing how precious our daily lives are.

The day after his son returned home, President Trump banned his country’s citizens from traveling abroad. Since then, New York has become the largest and most significant and fatal ity in the United States. On social media and news, even hospitals in New York, the largest city in the United States, were slammed for lack of masks and medical equipment. It was unfortunate for the parents that corona 19 hit their son, but it was a pity that he had returned home from the worst areas in the United States and had received a confirmed verdict.

His son, who was admitted to the hospital in an ambulance at the health center, was not easily discharged, even though he had no symptoms. The results of the test were repeatedly benign or unjudgeable. So a month has passed since the full moon. Last week, every day of inspection and discouragement from Monday. One day, even at a far-off, he went to the hospital in the evening to see his son. On the phone, he checked his son’s silhouette through the dark windows and shook his hand to say hello.

34th day of hospitalization. Finally, i received a call from my son that he had been informed of his discharge. After 14 days of quarantine, parents know that it’s never easy for a 20-year-old to stay out of the hospital room and to stay for more than a month with a three-hour lunch. “My son has suffered for a long time. And congratulations on the discharge.”

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