Lemdesivir is being developed by American Gilliard Science as a treatment for a new type of coronavirus infection (Corona 19). © Reuters=News1

In December last year, a new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) outbreak that occurred in Wuhan, China, and suspended the world, reached a six-month high in May. How far is the development of drugs and vaccines, which are the key to ending the situation?

According to the scientific community on 3 March, no breakthrough therapeutics and vaccine studies have yet to be released to save all humanity. It is a natural phenomenon, considering the situation, such as the situation, which usually takes 10 years to develop a vaccine. However, scientists around the world, including the ROK Government, which launched the Corona 19 Therapeutics and Vaccine Development Pan-Government Support Group on 24 June, are jumping into the development of Corona 19 drugs and vaccines in the bioindustry, and it is hoped that the development time will be significantly shortened as governments around the world are preparing to issue fast-market permits based on effective development.

In fact, in the case of a therapeutic agent, it is currently attracting attention as a therapeutic agent to have a quick effect on the “Remdesivir” of The American Gilliard Science (Gilliard). At first, Lemdesivir was developed as an Ebola virus treatment and was discarded because it did not work well in clinical phase 3. However, experts who noted that both the Ebola virus and corona 19 are RNA viruses have been used to use remdesivir, and the effect of coronavirus has been proven to revive the losers.

Remdesivir’s clinical phase 3 study, published last month on 29 March (local time), has caused excitement around the world. Anthony Pouch, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NAID), who leads the Corona 19 prevention measures in the United States, said corona19 patients who took Lemdesivir from Gilliard had a 31 percent reduction in recovery time compared to those who did not. On January 1 (local time), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the emergency use of Remdesivir as a corona 19 treatment.

However, considering the situation where the patient mortality rate of the drug meddesivir is 8%, the undosing patient mortality rate is aggregated to 11.6%, it is difficult to find the statistical meaning, etc., it is also suggested that the efficacy of remdesivir should be examined more closely. Kwon Jun-wook, deputy director of the Central Defense Countermeasures Division, said at a regular briefing on 30 March, “The results of 67 studies conducted in 10 countries around the world can accurately determine the efficacy and effectiveness of Remdesivir.”

French Ambassador Philippe LeFore is touring the new Coronavirus Infectious Disease (Corona19) TherapeuticS Development Laboratory at the Pasteur Research Institute in Bundang District, Gyeonggi Province, On The Morning of 23 March 2020.4.23/News1 © News1

In addition, malaria drugs chloroquine, hydroxychloroquine, and AbbVie’s AIDS drug Calletra are also in the candidate squad for corona 19. All of them, including Remdesivir, are part of the drug re-creation study. However, it has been pointed out that chloroquine-based drugs and caletra may have a lack of efficacy or severe side effects. The Korea Pasteur Research Institute and Daewoong Group are engaged in the development of corona 19 therapeutics through the repellent “niclosamide”.

Lee Jae-kap, professor of infectious medicine at Hallym University Kangmen Sim Hospital, appeared on YTN on 1 January and said, “I hope that Remdesibir will not be able to prevent patients from going to serious ill. However, since it did not appear to have a very low mortality rate, i think the question of how to use the drug and when to administer it is a more necessary drug for the medical staff.”

Professor Lee added, “The fastest progress of what is being developed as a new drug is the method of using antibodies in plasma,” adding, “Rather, the fastest drugs in the new drug (rather than the re-creation of the drug) are likely to come out ahead of the drug that originated in plasma therapy.”

In Korea, including drug re-creation and antibodies, plasma therapy, and more than 20 corona 19 therapeutic agents are being studied and vaccine research is known to be 10 conditions in progress.

Typically, vaccine development is considered to be more difficult research than the therapeutic agent. There is a problem that is not as easy to recruit as it is to conduct a clinical trial for people who are not infected with corona19, rather than a therapeutic test for an infected patient. So the development is slower than the cure. So far, mRNA-1273, which is being developed by Us pharmaceutical company Modena Therapeutics, as well as alibaba founder Marwin, is supporting research funding, as well as the joint vaccine development of Clover Bio-Farmer’s Therapeutics and The British multinational pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

Among these, it is “safety” that scientific and medical figures have put their mouths together and emphasize.

At the “Where’s the Corona 19 drug and vaccine development” forum, co-hosted online by the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Organizations and the Korean Academy of Science and Technology on 17 March, experts warned that the speed of development is important, but that if drugs and vaccines are made urgently, they can cause even greater problems.

Hwang Yeong-so, president of the Korean Vaccine Society, said, “Many studies should be conducted together to see if there are any side effects with the development of the vaccine,” and that “if the side effects are severe, the vaccine cannot be used.”

Kim Light-na, director of the RNA Research Group of the Institute of Basic Science (IBS), who recently completed the “Sascoronavirus-2 high-resolution gene map” that is the cause of Corona 19, also stressed that the development of therapeutics and vaccines should not be hastened.

“The meaning of the Corona 19 gene map revealed by IBS” published in IBS on 29 March, he said, “Impatient expectations must be abandoned. Developing effective and safe treatments and vaccines is usually a very difficult thing to do, which can take years.”

He continued, “Humanity still knows very little about Corona19. “If humanity wants to win this fight, they need to understand the characteristics of their enemies and find a way to attack the Achilles’ heel. It’s too late, but it’s still a reason why we need to focus on the basics of coronavirus.”


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