U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appeared on abc on March 3 (local time) claiming that “there is a lot of evidence” that the Corona19 virus was leaked from a Chinese laboratory.  ABC Capture

U.S. President Donald Trump and U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo subsequently referred to the Virus Research Institute in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, as the epicenter of Corona 19. Since the beginning of this year, scenarios such as “China’s biological weapons” and “spilling artificial viruses” have been circulating in the United States. The Trump administration is trying to stir conspiracy theories to shift corona19’s responsibility to China, which has spread to the United States, but scientists point out that it is unlikely.

“A lot of evidence” “I saw”

President Trump claimed that he had “seen” evidence that the Corona 19 virus had flowed from wuhan’s laboratory on February 2 (local time). Secretary of State Pompeo then appeared on ABC News on March 3, reiterating china’s responsibility theory, saying there was “numerous evidence” that the infection had begun at the Wuhan Virus Research Institute. “China has infected the world, and it has the power to run the institute below its level,” Pompeo said. However, the scientists gave a confusing answer as to whether the new virus was artificially created by scientists or a natural variant. Reuters reported that the State Department asked for a position on Secretary Pompeo’s remarks, but did not respond.

Neither President Trump nor Pompeo provided specifics on what the “evidence” was or what the rationale for China’s “will” was. However, there are many things to find out about the emergence of viruses. It is known that the infectious disease began to spread from wuhan’s angry fish market between November and December last year, but the starting point of the virus is in orimu. It is clear that the virus has moved to the market somewhere, but its origin has not been confirmed.

Wuhan Virus Research Institute in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.

The U.S.-designated Wuhan Virus Research Institute’s official name is the Chinese Academy of Sciences, wuhan Byungdog Research Institute, in the Jiangxia district of Wuhan City. It is located 10 km from The Angry Fisheries Market, between the Yangtze River and across the city of Wuhan. Founded in 1956, it has an infectious disease center, a viral resource and information center, an environmental application microbiology center, a department of biochemistry and biotechnology analysis, and the Department of Molecular Biology.

U.S. Money-Funded Research Institute

The institute is a class 4 (BSL-4) facility that is the highest level of “biosafety”, a guideline that establishes the level of safety of medical and research facilities. It should be equipped with the highest level of safety facilities as a facility for researching and storing microorganisms that can cause serious infections in people or animals, such as Ebola or lhasavirus, and in particular, people and animals. Wuhan Virus Research Institute became the first BSL-4 facility in mainland China in 2015. At the time, 300 million yuan was spent on safety, and ironically, some of the funds were funded by the United States. He has a long-standing relationship with the Galveston National Laboratory at the University of Texas.

Since the beginning of this year, the Wuhan Virus Research Institute has been the target of “conspiracy theories” due to the fact that a new unidentified virus has begun to spread around the institute, which is the center of research on viruses and infectious diseases in China. In fact, it is true that the institute has been researching coronavirus for a long time. In 2005, a type of wild bat, a Chinese coffin bat, was the mediator of the SARS coronavirus mutation, and has since analyzed more than 300 species of bat-origin coronavirus genes. In 2017, the institute published the final findings of a study that showed that sarsvirus evolved from wild bats in Yunnan Province. It was revealed that the village was located about a kilometer away from the caves in Yunnan Province, where the bats lived, and it was noted that the mixture of wild and human habitat sat in the wild and in human habitation, showing that it can promote animal-to-human infections.

However, there were no studies that raised concerns. In 2015, an international joint research team, including two researchers at the institute, experimented with combining the bat-generated saguvirus with the sars virus to create a hybrid virus, and published the findings in a journal. Experiments were conducted on mice, but it was found that human cells could also be infected. In the course of these studies, the Wuhan Virus Research Institute created a variant called Corona 19, and the leaked to the outside world can be seen as a sign of the “Chinese accountability theory”, which the United States claims.

Conspiracy theories ignited by US media contributors

Josh Rogin, a journalist who has contributed and appeared in the U.S. media, including the Washington Post and CNN, has been an international political analyst who helped the Trump administration identify the Wuhan Virus Research Institute as the epicenter of Corona 19. A pro-Israel Jewish journalist, he sparked controversy in 2014 after secretly recording former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s accusations against Israel in a private conversation.

Rogin noted in a Washington Post article on 20 March that the State Department’s 2018 correspondence had already stated safety concerns about the uhan virus research at the Wuhan Virus Research Institute. In january, there were rumors in the United States that “a virus that China created as a biological weapon was leaked,” but scientists dismissed it as an absurd assertion. However, after Rogin’s contribution sparked a leak, u.S. intelligence agencies reportedly launched an investigation into the relationship between Corona 19 and the Wuhan Virus Research Institute.

Officials from Hubei Province, China, hold a press conference in Wuhan on 1 January to explain the mitigation of containment measures.  Wuhan | Xinhua News Agency

Rogin pointed out that concerns about the safety of the Wuhan Virus Research Institute had been raised for several years in the biology world. He wrote in Nature in 2015: “The biotech-based bat virus is causing controversy over dangerous research.” This article compares the hybrid coronavirus created by wuhanvirus research institute to the mythical monster chimeric, pointing out the dangers of artificial viruses. Nature now quotes this article on its website as saying, “This article is being quoted on the basis of an unconfirmed theory that Corona 19 was artificially crafted.”

There were more similar reports. Dr. Xi-Jung, director of the Center for Infectious Diseases at wuhan viral research institute, is one of China’s leading virologists. Dr. Shi’s research team also published the results of the gene sequencing of the Corona 19 virus in Nature in February and published it in an international joint database. In March, Scientology American reported that Dr. Xi, a Chinese “batwoman,” had begun investigating the process of managing experimental equipment and disposing of waste. It was an article that reminded me of the possibility of a virus leak.

Scientists “ignorance of viruses”

However, scientists are questioning this assertion. Peter Dazak, who leads a new private organization called the EcoHealth Coalition, is a virologist who has advocated the concept of “One Health”, where natural, animal, and human health is one and should be approached from a holistic perspective. He has made more critical arguments on the dangers of biotechnology and animal-human health issues. Dazak told the internet media, ‘Democrush Now!’ Rogin’s claim that the man-made virus had flowed from the Wuhan Virus Research Institute.

Military medics at the Emergency Hospital in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, salute at the end of the mission on 15 March.  Wuhan | Xinhua News Agency

“I’ve been working with the institute for 15 years, and some of the data they have is from my Chinese colleagues,” Dazak said, “there are no artificial viruses associated with Sars-Coronavirus 2 (Corona19), and (research spills) are impossible.” Professor Trevor Bedford of The Washington University, who identified community infections and warned of a massive outbreak when Corona 19 began to spread in western Washington, told the Financial Times in February that “mutations of the virus are always happening in the evolution of nature,” dismissing the theory of artificial virus outbreaks.

Columbia University immunoologist Vincent Rakaniello also commented, “The evolutionary process is needed to take the corona19 virus, which causes human infections in the bat coronavirus that is kept by the Wuhan Virus Research Institute, to show ignorance of the virus.” Professor Jonah Mazette, an infectious disease scientist at the University of California who is leading the “Fredict” project that monitors new infectious diseases, told NPR that “the staff of the Wuhan Institute are trained in the U.S. laboratory and are following very high safety standards.”

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