Minister of Industry, Trade and Resources Sung Yun-mo (far left) presides over the “On-site Inspection Meeting of The Export Situation” in the CS Academy Room in Terminal 1 of Incheon International Airport on 29 March.

The government has launched a new edition of the Post-Corona Industrial Strategy to lead the changing global industrial and economic environment with Corona 19.

On 6 June, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Energy held the “Post-Corona Industrial Strategy Dialogue and The First Meeting of the Industrial and Corporate Crisis Response Group”, which involved 23 participants, including 12 relevant ministries and industry experts, to present five major changes and eight major response tasks.

In particular, k- prevention, which was recognized worldwide in the corona 19 response · Based on K-Bio and its non-face-to-face business model, the company plans to lead the global economy while responding to the reorganization of the global supply chain (GVC).

Participants in the industrial dialogue are expected to make a big difference after Corona 19. K-Bio-Development) ▲ Economic activity (non-face-to-face industrial development, low oil price response), corporate management (corporate vitality and investment promotion), social values (solidarity among economic subjects) and trade environment (global leadership) were set up and discussed and confirmed measures to target each topic.

Industry Minister Sung Yunmo said, “From 6 June, the Ministry of Industry and the 13 ministries will launch the emergency economic crisis response team in earnest, and carefully check and take care of the support measures announced so far in the field, and plan to take care of the various ministries in charge of the real economy, which will serve as a central focus for overcoming future economic crises.”

In order to respond to the global supply chain reorganization, the government will first establish a transparent and secure high-tech product production base through u-turn activation, management of key items, and attracting core value chain companies.

We support maximizing resilience in the industrial field to spread the way of working to minimize production disruption in the event of infectious diseases. The plan is to relocate production lines, design robots and human-working ways of working together, and standardize industrial and corporate practices.

Na Seung-sik, Director of Trade and Investment at the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Energy(right), greets the greeting at the inauguration ceremony of the “Public-Private Joint U-Turn Support Group” held at kotra video conference room in Yomgok-dong, Seoul, on 28 March.

In particular, k-protection and K-bio, which have become the example of the world, will support global merchandising to establish itself as a new korean wave following k-pop and movie parasites. The plan is to take advantage of domestic vaccine consignment production facilities, such as the Microbial Demonstration Support Center in Hwasun and the Animal Cell Empirical Support Center in Andong, to become the center of global vaccine production.

Utilizing 5G, digital infrastructure, and the fourth industrial revolution technology, we will expand our investments in online distribution, edutech, and smart healthcare to foster a non-face-to-face industry as an industry of opportunity.

We plan to use low oil prices as opportunities for industrial structural innovation and energy transformation by improving energy consumption efficiency and spreading new energy industries such as renewable energy and hydrogen economy. We have decided to gradually reduce the reliance on fossil fuels in major industries such as steel, petrochemicals, and refining.

It boosts corporate vitality and promotes investment. The government will examine and eliminate the investment difficulties that the government feels in the field so that the planned investment project can be implemented without a hitch. In addition, the automotive industry activates business restructuring and new industry expansion, such as hydrogen fuel cell core components, and the steel industry is entering high-value steel sheet business such as color steel sheet.

Through cooperation between large and medium-sized enterprises, and the Alliance for Industry and Industry, we plan to lead the best practices of Korean industry solidarity and win-win cooperation between industries and companies. In the same industry, while opening the foundry or building a win-win fab, it induces examples that can be coexisted, such as early payment of supplier delivery. The plan is to co-enter new industries, exchange retired personnel, stop disputes, and expand overseas to create new markets.

The plan is to use the status of a defense-protecting and manufacturing powerhouse to break through protectionist trade and lead free human and material exchanges to lead global discussions.

Minister of Industry, Trade and Resources Sung Yun-mo (center) is in Chongqing, China, and Jakarta, Indonesia, to encourage our company to have difficulty transporting air freight to Corona 19 at the Terminal 1 cycle of Incheon International Airport on 29 March.

On January 1, the government issued a joint declaration with Singapore, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to facilitate the transfer of mandatory personnel and trade. Starting this month, fast-track from Korea and China will be implemented, exempting two weeks of quarantine for entry.

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“During the first half of the year, we will reorganize our global supply chain, foster non-face-to-face industries, and While preparing policies for k-bio global expansion and post-corona global cooperation leadership, we plan to introduce a “post-corona industrial strategy”, which includes a comprehensive strategy and response to changes in industrial order after Corona.

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