Trump “9.5 million corona deaths.

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Retreat from expected to reach 100,000 earlier
I didn’t wear a mask at a meeting with a veterans in the 90s.

President Trump greets World War II veterans on August 8. [이미지출처=AP연합뉴스]

[아시아경제 뉴욕=백종민 특파원] U.S. President Donald Trump said on August 8 (local time) that the death toll in the United States from a new type of coronavirus infection (Corona 19) could be more than 95,000 deaths in the United States. The death toll was slightly reduced compared to the previous 100,000.

According to the U.S. media and White House press corps, President Trump spoke at the White House during a meeting with Republican congressmen. “We’re going to be able to talk about 95,000 people ultimately,” he said.

President Trump’s forecast of the death toll increased from 50,000 to 60,000 in mid-April, and reached 100,000 in the last three days.

According to the Johns Hopkins University tally, there are 76,706 corona deaths in the United States as of this day.

At the event, President Trump also claimed that without a vaccine, the corona virus would eventually disappear. Regarding the resumption of economic activity, he said, “I am confident that we can rebuild the economy at the previous level, and we will have a phenomenal year next year.”

President Trump said he would support the payroll tax cuts in connection with stimulus measures. President Trump has called for a pay tax cut in response to the Corona 19 crisis, but has faced a backlash from Congress.

Meanwhile, President Trump said that “I was far from them” when he met with a 90-something veteran at a World War II victory celebration and did not wear a mask. However, us media pointed out that President Trump greeted veterans at close range.

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Flower Farmers Help The Retail Industry, Top Executives

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[아시아경제 이승진 기자] The retail industry and recently started to help the flower farmers in need with a new type of coronavirus infection (Corona 19). In addition, top executives in the retail industry, such as Chung Yong-jin, Vice President of New World, are also helping flower farmers through the Flower Bucket Challenge.

According to the industry on September 9, iPark Mall operates a “Nature Market”, an experiential pop-up store where you can buy a variety of flowers and experience planting flowers yourself. “Nature Market” is a pop-up store organized by the online shopping mall “Plant Farm” which thinks about nature and plants, and the popular flower shop “Rezadang Flower” and iPark Mall in Seoul Boulevard as part of a good consumption campaign to help flower farmers.

In particular, “Plant Farm”, which presents a flower planting experience event, is an online shopping mall that sells only the quantity of plants needed every day without putting inventory in place to provide customers with the freshest plants, this is the first time that the store has been launched offline sales store.

Prior to this, Lotte Department Store has been holding a “Flower Flea Market” event at premium outlet Paju since the 30th of last month. The event was organized in collaboration with the Korea Flower Farming Cooperative to help flower farmers who are struggling due to the reduction of various commemorative events, and will run until the 10th. The New World Department Store has purchased more than 10,000 plant pots, including rosemary, pepper, and spati films, in order to help flower farmers and add comfort to their customers’ daily lives.

The top management in the retail industry also went to Corona 19 to help the troubled flower farmers. Chung Yong-jin, vice chairman of The New World Group, and Hwang Kang-kyu, chairman of The AmorePacific Group, delivered a helping hand to the flower farmers who were hit by Corona 19.

Vice President Chong participated in the Flower Bucket Challenge, which was organized to help flower farmers, on August 8. Vice President Chong plans to deliver potted plants made up of plants with air purification effects to 25 medical institutions and health centers in Daegu and Gyeongbuk regions through the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association. Vice President Chong joined the campaign on the recommendation of Yun Seok-min, President of Taeyoung Group.

Prior to this, Seo Kyung-bae, chairman of The AmorePacific Group, participated in the Flower Bucket Challenge campaign last month. At the time, Mr. Seo bought a basket of flowers from three “Hope Shop” florists operating in Incheon and Daejeon, and delivered his heart to the founders of more than 220 hope shops nationwide that AmorePacific and the Beautiful Foundation have sponsored since 2004.

Hwang Kyu, Vice Chairman of Lotte Holdings, also presented the gift with a bouquet of flowers purchased at namdaemun flower market to employees of a partner in charge of sanitation and prevention of The Lotte World Tower in Jamsil on September 9.

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[골프토픽] KLPGA Championship “World Ranking Points Retroactively Applied”

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Hye-jin Choi is smiling brightly shortly after winning the KLPGA Championship last year.

[아시아경제 노우래 기자] ○… World ranking points for the first major KLPGA Championship of the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour season will be applied retroactively at a later date.

The KLPGA Tour said on September 9, “The world ranking points of this event should be resumed on other tours” and that “they will be applied retroactively when the world rankings are updated.” The global epidemic of new coronavirus infections (Corona 19) has disrupted all major tour events around the world. The world rankings have also been frozen since mid-March for both men and women. The U.S. Women’s Professional Golf (LPGA) Tour is also suffering from the proliferation of Corona 19.

It will reopen in mid-July. The world rankings are also expected to fluctuate from July onwards. The world ranking points for the KLPGA Championship have not been determined. However, Choi Hye-jin (21) who won last year,received 19 ranking points. This year’s competition is expected to have more ranking points as the top ranked players compete more than last year. The top 10 players in the world are Park Sung-hyun (27th, 3rd), Kim Se-young (27th- 6th) and Lee Jung-eun 6 (24th 10th).

The KLPGA Championship kicks off at Lakewood Golf Course in Yangju, Gyeonggi Province on The 14th. It’s actually the first regular tour since Corona 19, and the golf ingenuity is getting a lot of attention. It is the largest KLPGA Tour ever, with a total prize pool of 3 billion won and a prize pool of 220 million won. 150 participants participated and adopted the ‘Made Cut (Did not Finish) cut-off’ regulation. Corona 19 will also give the bottom 150 to 625,000 won for players who are struggling.

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