On the morning of 21 August, high school students from Pohang Jangsung High School in North Gyeonggi Province are preparing for their first National Union of Education Assessment exams this year since the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) caused the school year to be postponed. 2020.5.21 © News1″I don’t think there’s anything to say about the first semester of school life record (student department) that “i’ve listened to remote classes hard.”

Yun Mo Gun, 18, a third-year high school student in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, sighed with a deep sigh. Yun Kun, who was trying to prepare for the comprehensive selection of students, was troubled by the postponement of the school year several times due to a new coronavirus infection (Corona 19). “As Corona 19 spread, the institutions are closed and they can’t do volunteer work,” he said bitterly, “and I don’t know why this happened when we were 3 years old.”

For each internet café that is popular with university students, the best posts are written about “High 3’s complaints”, not admissioninformation. In the recent week of Sumahui Cafe, there have been more than 100 posts stating that “This year’s Go3 was a big deal.” On The 19th, a day before the high school, the accusation exploded that “the government sees Go3 as an “experimental rat.” Each article is full of words such as ‘despair’, ‘anxiety’ and ‘melancholy’.

What makes Go3 anxious and desperate now? It is an environment that is absolutely advantageous to the students due to the delay in direct schooling. In order to make up for the relative disadvantages, it is already expected that the go-3 will now go to the unlucky and three-way. It’s not just entrance examinations. Students are frustrated by the narrowing of recruitment. Go3 feared that the “legend of the lost generation” could become their story, not working for a long time immediately after the financial crisis in the late 1990s.

● General system that is uneasy even at the time of the time

On the morning of The 21st, in the third year classroom of Daegu High School, high school students are conducting their first college math proficiency test mock evaluation at a desk with partitions installed. 21 may 21, 2020© News1
Typically, high 3 is mainly concentrated at the time, and this year, the high 3 students are the first semester student department that determines the success or failure of the semester. Lee Hyun-seo, 18, who attends Yongsan Go in Yongsan District, Seoul, said, “I need to fill in the activities of the first semester, but i don’t know how good the quality content will be because the remaining semester is short.”
Since there is nothing to put forth at any time, there is an increase in the number of high-3 degrees that are prepared on time for an xenophobic mind. Kim Mo-gun, 18, a third-year high school student in the metropolitan area, said, “I have been studying on time since the announcement of the first postponement, and i normally sleep five hours a day, but now I only sleep about two hours.” As Corona 19 is prolonged, there is also a sense of damage between high and third. Daegu’s Go3 Aunt Kun (18) said, “I was told that students in Daechi-dong, Seoul, had been given more preparation than before because they had received high-priced tutoring and customized care while they were not going to school.”

In fact, a small group of tutors was quickly organized as soon as the postponement announcement was made in February at Daechi-dong School in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. It is a way of digesting a high-intensity learning schedule and performing a self-made mock examination. Even when schools and schools were closed, the “24-hour management system tutoring” for minorities continued.

● Specialization that the test and the employment are blocked

The frozen job market also makes high 3 uneasy. In particular, specialization students are appealing that this year’s job is literally “picking up the stars in the sky.” According to the front-line specialization report, the number of corporate job openings delivered to schools decreased by one-fourth last year.

Choi Kyung-won, 17, a third-year student in Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, has not been able to obtain a certificate since January because of three delays in the computer literacy test. Preparing a one-minute speech, self-introduction, portfolio, etc. with only a remote lesson can be a lot of difficulties. Choi said, “There is a lack of preparation and fewer hiring of companies. “We just talk to our friends about “we have no hope.”

For this reason, some students want to give up their jobs while attending specialization. Choi Mo-gun (18), a third-year student in the province, recently held several family meetings due to career problems. Choi said, “I came to specialization because I want to get a job soon, but this year I don’t have a job plan for the company I want,” and he said, “I don’t think it’s easy to go to university, but i think it’s better than a job that never has a chance because there’s never been a chance of a college math proficiency test.”

The Ch’ongwadae People’s Petition also called for measures to be put forward for them. One petitioner said, “Due to corona 19, more and more companies are eliminating high school recruitment and hiring only college graduates,” and asked them to “prepare for employment arrangements for specialization and meistergo students.” The petition received 28,750 consents.

● Practice, no competition

The students at the art school, where practical classes are directly related to entrance exams, were in a state of emergency. In March of this year, when social street scapegoats were in full swing. Two parents came to Gangwon Art Center in Gangneung City, Gangwon. They asked the children to open the school gates. The children, who danced and exercised, came to their homes in a desperate manner because they could not practice. Park Sang-wook, principal of Kangwon Art High School, said, “It’s so sad, but even if only one person goes to school, the entire school can be problematic. I had to wait a little bit.”

Ms Seo-yeon Yang,18, who is enrolled in the Dance Department of The Gyeonggi-won Art High School in Seongnam City, Gyeonggi Province, is worried that she does not receive enough practical classes. Ms. Lim suffered an ankle injury while practicing dance moves on the wooden floor of the house, not in the school practice hall during the remote class. Ms. Lim said, “If I could afford it, I would have rented a private hall and prepared it, but I was worried that I would be lagging behind by training at home.”

Active athletics is experiencing double pain due to lack of training and due to scheduled competitions. Ms. Kim Sky,18, a swimming major in Nonsan City, Chungnam, has not been to the pool since February. In February, the Kimcheon National Swimming Championships, the Halla Bae Swimming Championships in Jeju in March, and the April National Championships were all postponed, and no results were achieved. Kim Yang said, “It’s a shame that i’ve been on fire since the winter break in the second year, shortening my record.”

● “Please consult with the government, university now”

In the education world, we believe that this year’s opportunities for first-year college students will increase the number of students who are unable to return, and that high-3 grievances may be greater. Kim Kyung-hoe, professor of education at Sungshin Women’s University, explained, “The situation is that university freshmen take remote classes at home and are half way through,” explaining, “In the high-3 position, the competition is increasing.” Some point out that due to special circumstances, it is necessary to consult with education authorities and universities. Professor Kim said, “This year, the Ministry of Education should issue guidelines to ensure that each university reflects a small number of students’ records for the first semester of the third year.” Park Joo-ho, professor of education at Hanyang University, also said, “Since it is true that high school students were disadvantaged by Corona 19, we need to create a way to compensate for this.” An official from the Ministry of Education explained, “The admission stipulation is basically run by the university,” and that “we will look at the trend of recruitment and consult with each university.”

Kang Tae-jung, professor of education at Chung-Ang University, said, “The proliferation of Corona 19 is not a problem for some students, but rather a “generational problem” for the entire 2002 student body, and “we need to change the evaluation system flexibly to minimize the disadvantageof certain students.”

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