Last month, a consumer at the CGV Yeouido store in Yeongyongpo-gu, Seoul, saw a consumer buying popcorn directly through a machine without contacting an employee. New coronavirus infection (corona19) is increasing untapped consumption under the influence. News1 New coronavirus infection (Corona 19) has reported that seven out of 10 Korean adult men and women have increased ‘untapped consumption’. Nine out of 10 predicted that untapped consumption will continue to increase in the future. After video conferencing and remote classes, we are now realizing the changes directly to the consumer sector.

Seo Young: Mom, what’s that?

Mom: Untach is a tenet with an “un” word for “contact”, which means “contact”, which means negative or opposition. Corona 19 has recently increased the number of non-face-to-face forms of consumption.

Seo Young: Oh, it’s non-face-to-face. I’ve tried ordering hamburgers with vending machines.

Mom: Yes. Online shopping and non-face-to-face delivery services are also part of this. But do you know that mathematical analysis plays an important role in this untapped consumption?

○Analyze why it sells well

According to a survey of 3,280 adult men and women conducted last month by the job portal site “People,” 71.1% of the total said that “untapped consumption has increased recently.” Online shopping ranked #1 with 90.3% (multiple responses) as the most popular untapped consumption. Mobile futures (39%), in-store mobile app remote orders (26.1%) and non-face-to-face transactions in financial sectors (22.7%), including online account openings were followed. Untact companies sell their products online and at the same time survey consumers. Use it a lot when it’s difficult. For example, if you organize survey results about a product, you can understand what consumers value and buy.

○Matrix used for data analysis

A mathematical method that is useful when analyzing data is a matrix. When you say a procession, you might think of a long line standing at the checkout counter or a concert. A matrix in mathematics lists the number singing to be rectangular or square. At this point, each number of the matrix is called ‘components’, and the horizontal line is called ‘row’, and the vertical line is called ‘column’. Building lines is similar, but there are unique rules.

Let’s say a family has a five-point rating on the product’s “Kap” and “Table 1” that they feel. In mathematics, the score of this table is extracted and arranged in a horizontal order and enclosed in parentheses, which in mathematics is called a matrix. If you extract and write down the tens of thousands, it’s easier to see the distribution or difference in your score.

The matrix represents the location by writing down the sequence of rows and columns in parentheses. The first row, the number of the first column 5, writes ‘(1,1), and the second column 4 in the third row writes ‘(3,2). You can also calculate matrices and matrices. The addition and subtraction of the matrix can only be made between matrices of the same size. You can add or subtract numbers in the same location. Multiplication applies different rules based on meaning.

What’s good with matrices? The first is convenient to flip points that represent the location. It also helps to solve complex equations, a coalition equation that finds a common solution in more than one condition. If you have a few variables, you can solve them in a simple way, but the more variables you have, the more difficult it is to solve. If you express the numbers in a matrix, you can easily solve them in a short time using computer programs, etc.

○Analysis of the main component using the matrix

Let’s take an example of using the main component analysis. Let’s say a delivery company conducts a restaurant satisfaction survey with consumers. We surveyed eight of our favorite restaurants, from A to H, to see which ones consumers preferred. If you vote for the results of a survey of 5 out of 5 satisfaction with “taste” and “delivery time”, it will be “Table 2”. It can also be expressed as a procession. If you show this result on a coordinate plane where the horizontal axis is ‘taste’ and the vertical axis is ‘delivery time’, it looks like ‘Figure 1’. Each point is scattered in all directions, making it difficult to see trends in customer satisfaction. Why not draw a random line around each point here? The lines expressed in the red lines are ‘satisfied with the taste’ as the lower right, and the higher the left, the more ‘satisfied with the delivery time’. The green line is higher on the right, which means that the restaurant is ‘satisfied with the taste and delivery’.
If you reset this axis, you’ll be able to see at a glance the customer satisfaction of each restaurant, like Figure 2. The new axis is called the ‘main component’ because it is the standard by looking at each variable in the future. The matrix makes it easier to calculate because it is the process of re-representing the distribution of each variable that already had it by moving the axis. As a consumer of corona 19, why not take a mathematical look at the results of the satisfaction survey conducted by each untapped company?

Park Ji-hyun, Banpogo Teacher

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