Fake news has become a daily term. The original definition is “false manipulation information masikimt by news.” However, all the reports that you don’t like are now pushed to “fake news.” It has become a new political term.

The phenomenon of fake news is the product of the era of de-truth. “De-truth” refers to a phenomenon where the line between truth and falsehood becomes blurred. As a result, the public easily falls into information that is not true.

The word has been widely used since 2016. That year, there were big events such as Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union and the election of President Trump. In our country, there was a similar confusion as choi Soon-sil’s state-run farm ingenuity became an issue.

The superficial damage of fake news and de-truth is the “flood of false information.” The bigger damage, however, is that it leads to a loss of confidence in the news as a whole. As a result, he listens to absurd conspiracy theories.

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One of the most absurd news in corona 19 is the Bill Gates conspiracy theory. There are several conspiracy theories of Bill Gates.

First. Bill Gates created the Corona19 virus. And he’s making money with it.

Second. Bill Gates develops corona19 vaccine and tries to plant chips for people.

Both are absurd conspiracy theories. The second conspiracy theory, in particular, is linked to world conquest groups such as Masons and the Illuminati. Bill Gates is a conspiracy theory that is the big hand of an organization like Masonic.

But there seems to be quite a few people who believe in this conspiracy theory. In the United States, a study showed that nearly 40 percent of Republican supporters believe that Bill Gates’s Corona19 conspiracy theory is true.

A survey of 1,640 U.S. adults by Yahoo News and U.S. Data showed that almost half of those who watch Fox News believe the Bill Gates conspiracy theory is true.

Forty-four percent of Republican supporters and those who photographed Trump during the 2016 presidential election believed in this conspiracy theory. On the other hand, only 26 percent of Republican supporters said the Bill Gates conspiracy theory was false.

■ Malicious intent behind superficial truth, bigger problem

Such a result is not a simple matter to look at. When asked if they would be willing to do so if the Corona 19 vaccine was developed, only half answered yes. This means that the Bill Gates conspiracy theory is quite plausible.

So why did this distrust occur? It’s easy to get caught up in fake news. However, in such cases, there is a risk that the issue will be oversimplified. Rather, it needs to be viewed as a problem throughout the information ecosystem.

We often easily talk about “fake news.” Therefore, only false information is concerned. However, the researchers argue that this issue needs to be looked at more granularly.

There are three main types of “information disorders” that confuse us.

First. Disinformation (false manipulation information)

Second. Misinformation (misinformation)

Third. Mal-information (malicious information)

False manipulation information means that the information disseminator is maliciously disseminated while being aware of the fact that it is “false”. Fake news falls into this category.

On the other hand, we do not know that the disseminator is false. The (well-intentioned) misinformation that the media commits is typical misinformation. As a result, Misreport instills false perceptions among the public.

Information Disorder Concept (Photo= UNESCO)

Malicious information is a little different. Information itself is the truth. However, in the right dimension of the world, it is a case of disseminating information that is not worth reporting. Information that is infringing on public’s privacy and, in fact, is defamatory by timely information. This includes the practice of the media to sift through trivial information with “evil” in an attempt to discredit a person.

There is no malice in the wrong information, but as a result, it is a false report. It instills a false perception of the public. Therefore, it is necessary to take an active stance to correct misinformation.

The first and third cases are even more problematic. This is because it is an act of malicious behavior that disrupts the information ecosystem. As we enter the era of de-truth, these practices are increasing. As a result, the media credibility of the recipients is also declining.

■ How do you see the phenomenon of easily moving on to absurd news?

Let’s go back to the Bill Gates conspiracy theory. In fact, the Bill Gates conspiracy theory is a bit absurd. There is no special basis. To put it another way, the Wuhan Institute, the origin of Corona 19, has been supported by Bill Gates. Rather, Bill Gates has been expressing deep concern about the “pan-academic crisis” for several years and insisting that he should be actively prepared.

Nevertheless, almost half of Americans who watch Fox News believe it is true. It seems to be a matter of other countries, but not simply to view it.

We have a lower media credibility than the United States. As such, various false information and conspiracy theories tend to spread easily. Of course, it may be because of fake news. This is because the combination of social media and digital technology makes it easy to produce false information.

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However, it seems to be related to the media’s failure to play a role when it comes to the source. This is because they have repeatedly and repeatedly practices that disrupt the information ecosystem.

So what? The news that the “Bill Gates conspiracy theory” is quite convincingly accepted in the United States on the other side of the globe seems to be not unusual. It seems that we also see a sad self-portrait of the era of de-truth, which is no exception.

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