The mass production of “VITAL”, a high-pressure ventilator tailored to corona 19 patients, is expected to become a reality in the near future.

Corona 19 custom-built high-pressure ventilator “Vital” created by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory developers, a division of NASA. /Photo: NASA website

30th (local time) Nasa NASA has selected eight specialist companies to build a mass of vitals. The eight companies nasa has identified are Vacumetrics, Stark Industries, MVent, iButtonLink, Evo Design, DesignPlex Biomedical, ATRON Group, and Pro-Dex.

On 25 March, NASA unveiled a vital created by the jet propulsion laboratory (JPL) developers. Vital is designed to provide more oxygen than a ventilator in a conventional medical field. It is designed as an emergency device with a durability of 3-4 months to be maintained, it is easier to manage than conventional respiratory tract that is maintained as a fixed facility for many years in the hospital. The installation is shorter and more convenient than conventional ventilators, so it can be used in hotels, hospitals, etc., Nasa explained.

Vital is an emergency device designed for Corona 19 patients. As of 9 a.m. Korean time, 176,9776 people were confirmed and 103,758 related deaths were confirmed in the United States. As the world has the largest number of corona 19 confirmors, the need for medical treatment equipment to cope with crises is urgent. The reason is that it is difficult to use the existing oxygen respirator in an emergency situation that will require a large amount of oxygen within a short period of time, but the treatment period is shorter than the severe patient. NASA stressed that vital can solve related problems.

A photo is taken in commemoration of the development of Vital by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at nasa’s Sanhagi Agency. /Photo: NASA website

After obtaining Vital’s license, NASA tested it in more than 20 situations from prototypes (the basic model with only core functions) at Mount Sinai Icahn Medical School in New York, USA. After completing clinical trials, JPL was approved late last month by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to entrust mass production. The eight companies announced on the day are medical device companies based in the United States.

Leon Alcarai, Executive Director of JPL Strategic Partnershipand member of Vital Leadership Team, said, “We hope that this technology will reach the world as long as we have a vital license, and we will focus on providing additional solutions to the Corona19 crisis.”

Meanwhile, JPL is currently evaluating manufacturers in various countries such as Brazil, Mexico, India and Malaysia and is considering whether to supply the global market. JPL, which has received emergency use approval from the FDA, has applied for a license for use and is awaiting results.

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