CBS’s “Sisazaki Constitution altogether”

I sent the room: FM 98. 1MHz (18:25 to 20:00)
■ Broadcast date: June 3, 2020
■ Jin Hang: Jeong Kwan-yong (Special Professor, Kookmin University)
■ Performer: Lee Financial (Gyeonggi-do Superintendent)

◇ Jeongjeongyong: What about the front-line school districts on the first day of the third school year of elementary and junior high school? Let’s connect the Superintendent of Education in Gyeonggi Province for a moment. You’re the superintendent?

◆ Finance> Hello, this is finance.

◇ For the constitution altogether: Is there a big problem in my school in Gyeonggi Province until today?

◆ Finance: We do not open 262 schools and take remote classes. Overall, that’s 5.7%.

◇ For the articles of incorporation: Is there any confirmor coming out of the pile or something like this because i’m going to go to school now?

◆ Financial lysis> This is not the case. Now we have 10 confirmed students. There were three faculty members and 13, but the previous day we had just three. But for us, we’re doing our best to protect a small number of these areas, because these confirmors are now from these areas of Anyang, Suwon, and Gunpo.

◇ For the constitution, what is the attendance rate? Among the grades that are eligible for attendance?

◆ Finance: Attendance is generally good for each school year.

◇ For the articles of incorporation is high?

◆ More than 95% attendance is So attendance is pretty good.

◇ JeongJeong-yong> Now, if I do a school-site interview, for example, i have a fever, a headache, or diarrhea from home, and then i don’t come to school, but i don’t have a bad fever, I just have a headache, i have diarrhea, this is a common symptom in adolescence, so I’m going to have to send this student to the hospital if I come to school and say so, but i think i’m going to have to send this student to the hospital.

◆ Finance: We have a manual, so we will do a self-examination at home and report to the school online before coming to school. If you think there’s a problem, you’ll stay at home. As you know, when you come out to school, you stock up on heat and reheat it to a little more than 37 degrees, and once every two hours, if you keep the heat, you’re going to have a temporary place, and if the heat doesn’t drop, we’ll send it to the screening clinic to make measurements.

◇ For the articles of incorporation, I go right and measure it.

◆ Finance: Yes, this procedure is very mechanical, so it doesn’t cause any major problems.

◇ For the articles of incorporation, the self-diagnosis was mentioned at home, but access to the self-diagnosis site is too difficult, it is not effective. Are you listening to this point?

◆ Finance> On the first day it was a little difficult, there was no connection. The problem was solved soon because it was crowded all at once and the connection was poor. So now it’s going well without any major problems.

◇ For the articles of incorporation, it has been fixed. Then now there is some autonomy for each school and school, but only about one-third of the school, do you have these guidelines?

◆ Finance: It’s hard to put a social distance in a school. However, in order to make room as much as possible, the principle stipulated by the Ministry of Education is to simply leave the school for one-third of the middle school and one-third each school day each school year, but this time it is more flexible to choose from different schools.

◇ For the articles, some elementary schools go out one day a week, and they come out for 30 and 40 minutes of classes for three hours. But there’s talk about what’s going on, what’s the school.

◆ Finance: There is no such thing as a university or overcrowding. It’s a little different depending on the school, but the real problem right now is that, overall, if you count the number of days you go to school this semester as you said, you’re only 16 days on average. So, in fact, most of us do online classes and only have 16 days of school, so I think there’s a lot of shortcomings, as i mentioned earlier.

◇ For the constitution altogether, it is not enough, but it is bound to go like this, is it?

◆ Finance: In order to prevent students from getting infected, we’re going to do this because of the top priority, so we’re going to strengthen our online classes a little bit more and work harder on the day we come to school.

Students attend an elementary school in downtown Seoul on the 3rd morning of the third day of elementary school classes for first graders, second graders in junior high school, and third grade students in grades 3 through 4. Hwang Jin-hwan

◇ For the articles of incorporation, i’m really worried about the situation, even though everyone has only done this for one semester now, but in fact, it’s the second semester. How do you view it?

◆ Finance: It’s actually very difficult right now.

◇ For the articles of incorporation.

◆ If you go to school, you can only go to school in early August for ten days, and you have to go to school just about August 15, and it becomes very difficult to confirm that this process will happen again.

◇ For the articles of incorporation, high-3 is a little more faithful to school, but it is more disadvantageous to university entrance examinations than students. There is a lot of talk about the need for measures, whether it’s slowing down the ability of students, creating special standards for high schools. What do you think?

◆ Finance: We’re a little worried about it, because we don’t have enough things to do. Now that the students come out and do all the union examinations, mock exams, and written assessments, they have to take 14 tests. It’s hard, but what’s the concern right now is that experts say there’s a possibility that it’s going to happen again in December, so if you’re able to do that in this case, there’s no countermeasure.

◇ For the constitution altogether, it should not happen.

◆ Finance: We need to do our best to prevent that from happening. That’s why we’re urgently recruiting 4,700 people to school now to take care of them, and to play that role in the student archipelago.

◇ For the articles of incorporation: Plan B, Plan C, with the situation in the second semester and even the winter water conditions in mind?

◆ Finance: I think that as a whole, i think if you have a plan B in case of this. If we don’t do this well, i don’t think it’s important that we continue to complete our studies until the second semester.

◇ For constitutional purposes, if you ask the education authorities if you have plan B or Plan C, you are ready, but you can’t tell them in advance because of the confusion, so you can’t tell.

◆ Finance: I’m working hard to prepare. It’s more important for students to learn properly than to be confused.

◇ for the articles of incorporation. I’m going to listen to you. Thank you.

◆ Finance: Please say goodbye.

◇ Jeong Kwan-yong was the Superintendent of Education in Gyeonggi Province.

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