Already used in the U.S., clinical effects have been demonstrated
12 clinical treatments in Korea… 761 cases were conducted in
Domestic antibody material performance… Relief of weasel pneumonia
Plasma therapy is the fastest… Securing curated plasma

It is now possible to use the “lemdesivir” known to have some effect in the treatment of new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) in the country.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on March 3 that it had decided to import remdesivir from the Food and Drug Administration.

Accordingly, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will soon consult with the relevant departments and importer Gilliard Science Korea on domestic imports.

The special import system for medicines is a system that allows the Food and Drug Administration to import unlicensed medicines from korea through importers at the request of the relevant ministers in order to cope with public health crises such as the epidemic of infectious diseases.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has requested a special import to the Food and Drug Administration as the Central Clinical Commission of new infectious diseases proposes the domestic introduction of remdesivir as a corona 19 therapeutic agent.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said, “We will work with Gilliard Science Korea, a domestic importer, to support the drug as soon as possible.”

◇Remdesivir, 31% reduction in recovery time for patients with severe abnormalities… Lethality reduced to 7.1%

Earlier, on 25 March, Professor Oh Myung-don, chairman of the Central Clinical Commission, presented the results of a study on the Remdesivir clinical trial led by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The study involved 1063 patients with corona 19 pneumonia and 10 days of placebo with lemdesivir. The researchers divided the patient’s condition into eight stages from mild to death, and in this study, patients with severe or critical condition sedned.

As a result, the treatment group administered remdesivir recovery time is 11 days, the treatment group administered a placebo was 15 days, when administered remdesivir recovery time was 31% faster.

Lethality indicating the death rate of confirmed patients decreased from 11.9% to 7.1% after 14 days of remdesivir treatment.

Professor Oh defined it as recovery when he reached mild after treatment of remdesivir. Therefore, the recovered patient is hospitalized or can be discharged, even if there is no need for oxygen therapy,” he explained, “The fact that this recovery has been shortened for four days is a very meaningful effect in the pan-demic situation, which is so much more effective as medical resources such as ventilators, intensive care units, oxygen, medical facilities and equipment are urgently needed.”

Based on the findings, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved an emergency use permit for severely ill patients with remdesivir on January 1.

“Being a national research institute, we were able to pursue clinical trials with a double-blind, placebo-controlled design that could lead to definitive conclusions regardless of the therapeutic effect,” Oh said. It is imperative that our country have a national system capable of conducting these clinical studies.”

◇12 clinical cases of domestic drugs… 761 cases were conducted in

There are a total of 12 clinical trial plans related to Corona 19 approved by the Korean Food and Drug Administration as of 25 June. All 12 cases are therapeutic-related clinical trials, of which there are seven clinical trials conducted by researchers.

Among them, a clinical trial at Seoul National University Hospital utilizing Remdesivir was approved on March 5, and 100 subjects were recruited to this day. Gilliard Science Korea has also approved the Remdesivir Phase 3 study on March 2 and is currently underway.

In addition, clinical trials are underway at Seoul Asan Hospital, chloroquine and caletra, chloroquine at Gangnam Severance Hospital, Cyclossonide at Ancient Guro Hospital, Hutan at Gyeongsang University Hospital, and Perodil Tablets at Donga University Hospital.

A total of 761 new corona 19-related drug intervention clinical trials were registered at the U.S. National Institutes of Health as of 25 June. Of the 761 clinical trials of the drug, there were 734 cases of vaccines and 27.

That’s a 13.6-fold increase from 56 cases on March 11. Researcher clinical trials increased 15.9-fold from 32 to 508.

Of the 734 therapeutic clinical trials, 493 were clinical trials by researchers, 227 were clinical trials by pharmaceutical companies, and 14 other clinical trials sponsored by the U.S. National Institutes of Health and the Federal Reserve.
◇Domestic antibody substance sinus it is also effective “weasel pneumonia symptoms are relieved”

In korea, significant results came out in corona 19 antibody therapy tests for weasels. As early as next month, if a human trial is conducted, it is expected that the development of corona 19 drugs will be available in the first half of next year.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on February 2, the National Institutes of Health and Celltrion confirmed the therapeutic efficacy of the administration of antibody candidates found in 15 weasels.

Lee Ju-yeon, director of the Graduate School of Infectious Diseases and Mediators, explained, “Through cooperation with the private sector, we have identified therapeutic antibody candidates that have the ability to neutralize the corona 19 virus at the cellular level, and this weasel experiment is a test to determine how effective the corona 19 virus is by administering the neutralized antibodies obtained to weasels and confirming the therapeutic efficacy of the Corona 19 virus.”

“When weswel infected with the virus was given therapeutic antibody substances, it improved a lot compared to the group that was not administered,” he said.

Health authorities plan to conduct experimental rat or monkey experiments in the future.

“In addition to weasel trials in the future, we will strive to lead to the development of therapeutic drugs through experimental mouse and monkey experiments,” lee said, “and it is of great significance that we have obtained non-clinical data that must be performed before clinical trials.”

◇The development of plasma therapy seems to be the fastest “healing and securing plasma is important”

The government predicted that plasma therapy would be developed as soon as possible in Korea.

Kim Kang-lip, deputy coordinator of the Central Disaster Safety Headquarters (Deputy Minister of Health and Welfare) said at the Corona 19 regular briefing held at the Government Tax Office on 3 March, “One of corona 19 therapeutic scandes is probably the pipeline to see the results of the treatment in the earliest time.”

Plasma therapy is a treatment made using the plasma ingredients extracted from the blood of the corona 19 healer. Antibody drugs, existing drug re-creation, unlike therapeutic drugs such as new drugs, it is easier than other development methods because it is easy to obtain a curative plasma.

However, in order to make a plasma therapy, there is a limit to the production of a certain amount of therapeutic agents because it must secure a large amount of curing blood. In particular, the authorities are also struggling to secure the blood to heal because they have to use the plasma of the cure more than two weeks after the cure decision.

“The fundamental limitation of plasma therapy is the method of utilizing the plasma components extracted from the blood of the cure, so it should be assumed that a large amount of blood should be obtained,” said General Coordinator Kim, “We know that it is possible to provide blood only to those who have elapsed more than two weeks after the cure decision.”

With 1467 domestic corona 19 healers at 0 p.m. on 3 March, the government is actively encouraging healers to donate.

“With more than 10,000 healers now, if those who have met the previous blood delivery requirements are actively cooperating, they will be able to succeed in producing the drug in a timely manner,” said General Manager Kim, “It is a great hope for current patients who are struggling with Corona 19.”


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