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The race for supremacy over the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) vaccine is also fiercely contested, as the United States and China face a full-fledged confrontation. The pace of vaccine development in both countries is difficult to determine in less than a month. Accordingly, the real battle between the two countries is expected to shift from who produces and supplies large quantities quickly after the development of vaccines.

According to the industry on 18 June, Sino-Farm, china’s state-owned pharmaceutical company, recently entered the final clinical phase 3 trial, following the release of some of the results of the corona 19 vaccine clinical phase 1 and phase 2 in June. Modena, the fastest-developing biotechnology company in the United States, also announced the results of a successful clinical trial of the Corona 19 vaccine on 14 March (local time) and announced that it will enter clinical phase 3 on 27 Th this month.

The main difference between the two vaccines is the vaccine type. Compared to moderna is developing a messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine that introduces the latest biotechnology technology, sinopam’s vaccine is a technology that has been developed as an inert vaccine for decades.

RNA vaccine does not need to synthesize proteins in advance because the genetic material produces the protein required for antigen generation in the body. Therefore, the production rate compared to conventional protein vaccines is fast and simple, it is now able to quickly cope with the time when infectious diseases are prevalent.

On the other hand, inactivated vaccines are a way to disable the virus and eliminate the toxicity and then inoculated into the body. There is an advantage that is safe, but it must be inoculated several times to see the effect properly. It has been commercialized for decades and is utilized in hepatitis A, influenza vaccines and the like.

Sinofarm’s development rate is somewhat ahead, but the difference is less than a month. The problem has been in supply since development. It is important to supply the necessary quantity as quickly as possible. Without vaccines, there is no way to take preventive measures, such as social distances.

Accordingly, not only the two companies, but also many companies that are developing the Corona 19 vaccine have signed a consignment production agreement with the production facility before it reaches the final approval stage.


◇China Sinofarm Enters Uae Corona Vaccine Clinical Phase 3

On June 16 (local time), Bloomberg reported that the Corona 19 vaccine being developed by Sino-Farm has begun clinical phase 3 in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The trial will survey 15,000 volunteers across the UAE to determine the safety and efficacy of the Corona 19 vaccine.

On June 16, Sino-Farm announced that the Corona 19 inactivated vaccine developed by Wuhan Bioproducts Research Institute under its subsidiary China Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (CNBG) showed a strong neutralizing antibody response in clinical trials conducted on 1,120 adults.

In addition to sino-palm, Chinese biotech company Sinobaek has completed phase 2 of the CoronaVac, a candidate for the Corona 19 vaccine, for approximately 1,000 people and will soon enter the Global Clinical Phase 3. In addition, cansino biologics gene recombinant vaccine being developed using adenovirus vector sikimad to produce antibodies in clinical 1.

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◇U.S. mode and clinical phase 3 start during this month, Pfizer, Bioentech also started phase 2b and 3 phases of this month

The corona 19 vaccine candidate ‘mRNA-1273’, which is being developed by Modena in the United States, went into trial for the first time in the world in March.

According to the announcement of moderna on 14 July, antibodies were produced in all 45 clinical participants on clinical phase 1 of mRNA-1273, and some participants were confirmed that a higher level of antibody was formed than the recovery plasma of corona 19 healers.

Currently, Modena is in clinical phase 2 with more than 600 participants and analysis is underway after the dosing has been completed. Starting on July 27, it will be in clinical phase 3.

Corona 19 vaccine “BNT162” is being developed by multinational pharmaceutical company Pfizer and Germany’s Bioentech also generated more neutralizing antibodies made in the recovery group plasma of patients recovered from the recent clinical phase 1 results corona 19 and there was no significant side effects.

The two companies are scheduled to enter clinical phase2b and phase 3 of Corona 19 vaccine candidate BNT162 as early as this month.

MRNA-1273 and BNT162 are both vaccines using rna, the genetic material of the corona19 virus.

Both vaccine candidates are designated as fast-track targets by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and will be able to shorten the time to receive final approval with support from the U.S. government, including priority screening.

In addition, Johnson & Johnson, a multinational pharmaceutical company, is currently in the process of clinicaltrials of the corona 19 vaccine Ad26.COV2-S.

Paul Stofels Johnson& Johnson, Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, said in a statement on 16 June (local time) that the second quarter 2020 results “will begin clinical trials of the Corona 19 vaccine from mid-July, and we expect to begin clinical phase 3 by the end of September.”

◇Supply is key after vaccine development… Spurs companies to prepare for mass production

U.S. and European companies are currently preparing to produce vaccines in earnest.

In addition to Sino-Fame, astraZeneca, the fastest-fasting multinational pharmaceutical company, announced that it will supply 2 billion dos of corona 19 vaccine “AZD1222” worldwide from September to October.

Modena agreed in May with Swiss pharmaceutical company Lonza to produce 1 billion dos of mRNA-1273 per year, followed by an additional mass production agreement in the United States and Europe.

The U.S. government has also signed a production agreement with Emergent Biosolutions for $628 million (approximately KRW 757.2 billion) to develop the Corona 19 vaccine.

China’s Sinobaek is building a production facility capable of producing 100 million dos a year to allow mass production as soon as the vaccine is approved.


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