It is no longer natural. Corona 19 has surpassed 15 million global confirmors, and the momentum is fierce in the United States alone, with one million patients in a single day. Now, without a mask, there are more places that cannot be accessed, and it is natural to secure the physical distance between each other. This new phenomenon is called “new normal” and is changing many areas of society as a whole.

The social distance from Corona19 is a prime example. To prevent corona19 infections, schools conductcyber lectures instead of face-to-face classes, and work sites are also routinely used for remote and telecommuting. This is a representative example of the new normal, which has become a non-standard standard since Corona 19 was forced to introduce it. However, due to the rapid adoption process, there are a number of problems that are occurring, and the most common is security issues.

Safes, security to protect your digital assets

Security is a safe that protects intangible assets in the digital age. Source:Getty ImagesBank

When it comes to running a company, security is a safe that protects intangible assets. The light-light information can also cause significant damage depending on the abuse, and the damage caused by it will return to the company. Therefore, the majority of the enterprise environment provides information protection measures to realize the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information, and thoroughly proceeds to establish the scope of information protection, risk management, and post-management. However, telecommuting and remote work are increasingly connecting families to work, and security issues stemming from these loopholes are emerging as a new topic.

Once in a corporate environment, security is enhanced by ensuring that only authorized devices have access to the network. It also checks the way the PC is approached, and performs the influx, detection and blocking of harmful traffic. In addition, to prevent information from leaking through messenger, email, printer, portable storage device, etc. to prevent data leakage prevention (Data Loss Prevention) is applied. The external approach is to prevent the leakage of internal data.

However, the sudden introduction of telecommuting has weakened the impact of corporate security. This is because the company’s internal network is connected to the outside world for business reasons, or it communicates with the outside world with unsafe devices. In the future, more and more jobs will be handled outside the enterprise’s IT infrastructure, and security holes will be created by putting too much load on the infrastructure provided for remote work. The cost of employee productivity and IT support is secondary.

What are hp’s solutions for everything from enterprise hardware to security?

Even if you introduce telecommuting, it is most important to use a PC equipped with corporate security. Source:Getty ImagesBank

HP, a global company, is already working from home due to Corona 19 and is pursuing work based on guidelines for this. This is to prevent security issues while continuing the continuity of work. Hp’s basic guidelines include digital hygiene compliance with normal operating environments, minimizing personal use of business computers, and virtual machineization of browsers. However, since corona 19 has ended, more aggressive technology adoption is needed to move towarda broader work environment.

The first step hp proposes is to use a PC with corporate security features. Typically, enterprise PCs are subject to higher physical security than personal products, and are manufactured with the same remote control or central management in mind. If you are working from home in the form of extending your IT infrastructure, it is natural to use a corporate PC at home. In addition, hp’s business-based technology , HP Shure, constitutes a security policy.

Hp Shure’s basic overview, bios and operating system protection, and physical protection are divided into them. Source:HP

HP Shure is largely made up of bios protection, operating system protection, and visual hacking protection. Bios protection consists of HP Sure Start and HP Sure Admin. Bios is a system that controls the computer hardware under the operating system. Bios hacking cannot be detected by a vaccine program, and causes far more covert and serious damage than operating system hacking. HP SchuerStart automatically notifies users and management when it detects malware attacks and begins bios restoration. Here, instead of a public key password, it controls access to bios with HP Schuer Admin, which manages the device firmware through a certificate for remote and management of settings.

The operating system, which is the space in which the user actually works, is protected by the HP Shure Sense , HP Shure Click, HP Shure Run, and HP Shure Recover. HP Shure Sense is a technology that uses Artificial Intelligence to learn the usual user characteristics and block abnormal access. In addition, hp shure clicks prevent the inadvertent influx of ransomware or malware, shur recovery, network-based automated operating system recovery, and shur run to protect critical apps and processors to protect the operating system. Hp’s privacy camera, which reduces the viewing angle of the laptop screen to prevent visual exposure, and the HP Privacy Camera, a webcam blocking feature, is also useful.

HP proposes a step-by-step security platform that is tailored to the size and configuration of the enterprise. Source:HP

How do we introduce and select security systems? According to a security system released by HP at the end of March, the HP Pro Security Edition, which is protected by The Shure Sense Pro and Shur Click Pro, is appropriate for small and medium-sized businesses, and recommends HP ProActive Security to protect terminal devices and check for attack attempts and blocking. For businesses and governments, hp shur click enterprise, which supports HP cloud hosting servers that are iso27001 and SOC2 Type II certified, are encouraged to prevent persistent attacks, movement within the corporate internal network, and data theft. As in hp’s case, corporate security can be applied differently depending on the environment and configuration.

Telecommuting is an inevitable flow, a preemptive

In May, Twitter Chief Executive Jack Patrick Dorsey announced that he would allow all employees to “work from home” after Corona. In simple terms, it may seem like an extension of telecommuting due to Corona 19, but as mentioned earlier, it will be a very difficult task to build complex corporate security in an off-the-enterprise environment. However, it is the new normal that establishes this novel trend as a new standard. From a corporate standpoint, we need to look beyond working from home for a while now, but we need to see the current opportunity as electricity for telecommuting. IT professional Namsivision Reporter You’ve recommended a window close article.In the era of telecommuting ahead of Corona 19, what are HP’s proposals for corporate security?Best Recommended News

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