3 things to avoid… Travel at the time of symptoms’ 3 Mill ‘Place, Physical Contact
The Ministry of Education, schools and schools are also checked.
‘Mass infection’ visit, multi-level vendor ‘open room’ identification

During the summer holiday season, the government has established compliance to ensure a safe holiday without getting caught with a new coronavirus infection (Corona19). In addition, the relevant ministries jointly establish guidelines for keeping away from life, such as bed and breakfast, and check compliance with the guidelines of these facilities.

While maintaining the “keeping the streets of life”, which has been in place since May, the government will identify the branches and public relations offices of visiting vendors where the mass infection has occurred, and will conduct a full inspection from next month.

Yun Tae-ho, general manager of the Central Accident Investigation Division, held a regular briefing at the Corona 19 Central Disaster Safety Response Headquarters at the Government Tax Office on the morning of 24 August.

◇During vacation season, vacation, three-way gold… Let’s relax and safely
Yoon explained, “This year’s vacation is a safe and leisurely vacation in consideration of the situation in Corona 19,” explaining, “For this purpose, we will provide three rows of gold, three things to keep, and three things to avoid.”

The three things that should be avoided are the act of traveling if you have fever or respiratory symptoms, closed and crowded places such as entertainment facilities, crowded destinations, time zones, saliva splashing and physical contact.

During the holiday period, it is expected that the population will be moved to areas with mountains and seas, and activities such as swimming, marine and leisure will increase. In the process, there is a concern that the concentration of amusement parks such as beaches and water parks will increase, and there will be increased prevention blind spots such as restaurants and entertainment venues near tourist attractions.

The government has put in place measures to help the relevant ministries jointly take a vacation to keep “rest, safety, and slack.”

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Tourism Agency have unearthed lesser-known tourist attractions to disperse the holiday season and guided them to the nurihouse (www.visitkorea.or.kr). Using the navigation “Teamap”, 20,000 people visiting the non-face-to-face tourist attractions introduced will receive prizes and a 10% discount on payments in the area with BC cards.

We will also strengthen the management of the tourist site. The government, in a joint effort with the relevant ministries, has established guidelines for keeping the living of the “bed and breakfast and lodging industry” applicable to small accommodations. Facilities concerned about the spread of Corona 19, such as water parks and illegal accommodation, are under fire.

As early as the 23rd school year, the government has also established a “three-way three-way fee” to be paid to young peopleJun-so Lee.

First, the mask should be worn correctly to reach the nose, etc., and it is necessary to wash hands frequently and maintain at least 2 meters of distance between people. The three things to avoid are the act of going out if you have fever or respiratory symptoms, visiting closed, dense, closely located places such as PC rooms, karaoke rooms, and touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

The Ministry of Education promotes these prevention rules for students, faculty, and parents and asks schools to abide by the User Protection Act and refrain from operating summer language camps. A crackdown on illegal boarding schools is also carried out.

In preparation for the upcoming second semester, schools will conduct on-site inspections to check the situation and difficulties of the disaster. Large schools will also conduct intensive inspections to ensure compliance with the prevention regulations.

◇Life in the distance system continuation… On-site inspection of the distributor next month

Yun Said, “For visiting and multi-level vendors, the Fair Trade Commission and local governments will conduct a full-time on-site inspection from August, by identifying the status of city and provincial branches and public relations offices.”

On this day, the Company agreed to discuss “strengthening the inspection of visiting vendors” by the Fair Trade Commission, and to identify the status of branches and public relations offices of these companies and to conduct checks to prevent the spread of Corona 19.

This is due to the point that the corona 19 mass infection continues through a branch called the “Open Dabang”, rather than a fixed business registered with the local government, which requires measures to be taken.

First, each city or province sends an open letter to the company that has registered and reported to them, and to determine the status of the branch and public relations office. When the municipality submits the results to the Fair Commission, the Fair Commission shall facilitate the search and classification. After that, the Fair Commission and the local government will check whether the relevant laws and regulations have been violated based on the current data.

The government has decided to evaluate the operating base of the living protection system, which has been in operation since May 6, and to continue this during the holiday season.

Yun said, “We will continue to identify the prevention blind spots through safety newspapers and planned inspections,” and “we will further strengthen management of high-risk facilities to proactively respond to mass outbreaks.”

As the Corona19 epidemic is expected to be prolonged, the government will classify patients by symptoms, adjust their care system, improve staff ingedi, and help them return to their daily lives.

In addition, we plan to secure additional hospital beds for severe lysis and to identify and train those who can be deployed in advance. It also stores supplies such as personal protective equipment and medical equipment. We will continue to strengthen the response system by local governments, the Centers for Disease Control, and the National Police Agency.

The government divided the life-ary measures into 52 categories, diversifyed, and divided into 12 categories of daily activities. In addition, it was mandatory to wear public transportation masks, and 12 sites, such as nightclubs and large schools, were designated as high-risk facilities to strengthen the management of disaster prevention.

In order to block overseas inflow sequestering patients, the total corona 19 diagnostic examination for all visitors and the special entry procedure that mandated the isolation of self-belonging and facilities on the 14th are also part of the protection of life. In recent years, it has been subject to genetic amplification (PCR) testing for those who have entered the country subject to enhanced prevention and to receive a pre-voice confirmation.

We have established a joint medical response system by region to jointly utilize hospital beds, personnel, and supplies, and have resiliently applied distance and prevention measures to each municipality in accordance with the situation in which patients are occurring.


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