Is it citizen science or illegal medical care?

Some researchers in the United States say they can’t wait for the official vaccine to come out, and they’ve decided to create their own Corona 19 vaccine to get away from corona fear. Controversy over illegality and safety is expected.

The MIT Technology Review reported on 29 March that more than 20 researchers from Harvard University and MIT, a leading U.S. university, were participating in the development and inoculation of homemade vaccines. They had already inoculated their own ‘Corona 19’ homemade vaccine (DIY vaccine).

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He put his body into an experimental mouse in a vaccine that has not been proven effective. Among them are Dr. George Church of Harvard University, a star scientist in genetic sciences such as animal cloning and gene editing. Dr. Church was vaccinated twice a week earlier this month. He reportedly took the vaccine ingredients delivered to his mailbox and mixed them directly.

The vaccine developer is Preston Estep, a graduate student from Harvard and his apprentice.

According to the Review, he has never left the house in the last five months and believes his apprentice-made vaccine is safe. He explained why he was vaccinated by saying, “People seem to take Corona19 too lightly.”

The recipe was completed in four months… Published online

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The group, named RADVAC=Rapid Deployment Vaccine Collaborative, was launched in March under the leadership of Istep. At the time, Istep sent an email to his acquaintances, pointing out that it would take 12 to 18 months for the vaccine to come out, and suggested that he develop it himself. He believed that since sufficient information about the virus had already been disclosed, it was possible to develop its own.

He immediately gathered volunteers. Many of them had previously worked on the Personal Genome Project (PGP) in Dr. Church’s laboratory. The project was launched in 2005 with the goal of analyzing people’s DNA sequences and releasing the results online.

Istep, who is also the founder of DNA analysis firm Veritas Genetics, organized a core group for vaccine development among its resources. They scoured vaccine reports for coronavirus infectious diseases Sas (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), Mers, and two other corona infectious diseases for vaccine design. They then rented a lab and began looking for a simple recipe for making them readily available. Materials for vaccine manufacturing were ordered by mail.

Finally, they released a 48-page white paper that included the vaccine recipe online in early July. The contents of the white paper can be brought to anyone at their own own responsibility. The white paper lists four real-name authors and 12 anonymous authors.

I don’t comment on the effect… Experts express concern

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Radback’s vaccine is a sub-unit vaccine using a portion of the pathogen. Sub-unit vaccine is a protein fragment vaccine that writes the substance that makes up the virus, but does not cause disease. Hepatitis B, papillomavirus vaccine is a sub-unit vaccine. The Corona19 vaccine, currently being developed by U.S. pharmaceutical company NovaBacks, is also part of this type. Novaback recently received $1.6 billion in u.S. government funding under the U.S. government’s expedited approval process, the “Super-Fast Operation” plan.

The vaccine they developed is a nasal inhalation type, not a scan. The suction method is easier to inoculate than injections. They mixed the shrimp shell material, chitosan and vaccine ingredients, to make it easier to inhale the nose. According to Dr. Church, only five of the 199 vaccines under development use a nose inhalation method.

“The nasal inhalation vaccine can cause a local immune response to airway tissue, but it has the disadvantage that a tissue biopsy is needed to determine the immunity of the mucosa,” the review noted. So far, 70 people have provided vaccine substances. Isp said he doesn’t know how many of them have been vaccinated.

The Radback Group has yet to comment on the effectiveness of the vaccine. Dr. Church said only that research is underway in the Harvard laboratory. “It’s a bit complicated, i’m not ready to produce a report,” Isthep said.

Some experts who heard of the development of homemade vaccines expressed concern. George Siber, head of vaccine development at U.S. pharmaceutical company Wyeth, questioned the effectiveness of subunit vaccines in a review interview. Rather, there is a risk of worsening symptoms, he added. Arthur Caplan, a bioethicist at the University of New York, denounced them as “lunatics who left orbit.” He pointed out that their efforts are “misguided enthusiasm” and that vaccines are likely to be harmful.

Is it legal or illegal… U.S. Food and Drug Administration Still Unresponsive

Is the homemade vaccine they developed illegal or legal?

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Isthep thinks it’s legal. it is another tool to reduce the risk of infection. Isthep argues that group members manufacture and inoculate their own vaccines, and that they are not subject to authority oversight because they have not given money. It means that anyone can’t stop themselves from making their own vaccinations. After a legal review, he stated in the white paper that the recipient of the vaccine must be at least 18 years of age and that he or she must be held accountable.

The review, however, pointed out that providing direction and even supplying vaccines can be legally problematic. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has the authority to test new drugs through a process called drug approval, but the Radback Group has not asked the authorities for approval. The Ethics Committee has not been reviewed. The Food and Drug Administration has not yet responded to a review of the vaccine’s legality.

In fact, it is not uncommon for vaccine researchers in the world to vaccinate themselves in order to quickly and easily obtain the data they want. At a press conference on 26 June, Gao Fu, director of china’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, revealed at a press conference that he had launched one of his own experimental coronavirus vaccines to promote vaccination against people if the vaccine is approved in the future.

Hans-Georg Rammensee, co-founder of pharmaceutical company Cureback, said he injected the Corona 19 vaccine into his abdomen earlier this year to quickly obtain preliminary results for the vaccine being developed.

However, in an interview with The Review, he said, “Because i am an immunology expert, I know the risk scare and the impact of such behavior, so I can do that.” Some researchers are focusing on the u.S. Food and Drug Administration’s position on the development of homemade vaccines.

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