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If you have a long ride ahead, and you know the conditions will be rough, a Motoz Tractionator motorcycle tire is the right choice. The Tractionator Desert is designed to handle harder terrain, especially hard trails, desert sand with hard pack variations and fast rocky conditions. Its unique patented tread design handles off camber sections to help climb out of ruts and hard braking at extreme lean angles. Made from 100% natural rubber, nothing else provides the same elasticity, reflex and deflection for the best tractionDesigned for 95% dry and 5% wet, 90% hard and 10% soft terrain conditionsHeavy duty case construction with a dense weave ply cord so greater strength and higher ply rating is achieved with less ply layersConstructed with thicker side walls for maximum strengthSidewalls and rim area are specially designed to protect the rim, but also to minimize pinch flatsVertical reinforcement section between the sidewall layers for greater sidewall strengthCarcass is protected by a thick layer of rubber under the tread and around the sidewalls to help minimize puncturesRubber cushion zone allows a small amount of flex under the tread blocks to aid reflex traction and reduce chunk off, increasing tire life and acting as a heat sink to

95% Dry – 5% Wet.
90% Hard -10% Soft.
DOT compliant.

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