Musical Gala ‘The Show Musk And On!’
29-30 Sejong Cultural Center Grand Theater

“It’s the first time in 16 years that major productions have come together since we founded the Korean Performing Producers Association. It’s not just for donation concerts, it’s about how we’re going to develop the musical industry in the age of pandemic. We came together to see if there was anything we could reflect on, whether there was a way to roll out bubbles and grow, and that the post-corona era needed to make innovative changes to the production system.” (Ceo Producer of Shinshi Company by Park Myung-sung)

Eight korean high-performing musical producers hold a musical gala concert at the Sejong Cultural Center.

Korea’s leading musical producers, including PMC Ceo Song Seung-hwan, Ceo of Shinsi Company Park Myung-seong, Ceo of Clip Service Suldo Kwon, Ceo of Audi Company Shin Chun-so, Ceo of Insight Entertainment Jang Woo-jae, Ceo of EMK Musical Company, Yim Hong-hyun, Cj ENM Performance Division Director Ye Ju-yeol, and Acom Yoon Hong-sun.

The Musical Gala for Musical People at the Grand Theater of the Sejong Cultural Center on 29-30 March, The Show Musk Go On! (The Show must go on!)’ spread. With the world’s corona 19 in vogue, Korea is a rare country with performances. However, corona19 prevented many musicals from performing normally, leaving many musicals in a state of potential unemployment.
In order to solve this problem a little, the representative producers and senior actors are the first to lead the donation ranks. A fundraising concert for musical actors and staff.

Shin Chun-soo, ceo of The Audi Company, who chaired the promotion of the show, said, “Although the show continues in Korea, corona 19 has been cancelled and postponed due to many situations. In this situation, the actors and staff who are experiencing life-long struggles have united to become a small ember of hope.”

Of course, the big musical production company was also hit by a direct hit from Corona 19. The non-verbal performance “Nanta”, a signage performance of PMC Production led by Song Seung-hwan, has been without a performance for six months. Two musicals, another major of the company,were also canceled.

Song, who was the general artistic director of the opening ceremony of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics as a big adult in the musical world, said, “There are productions that are still unable to perform, and some productions are difficult to make, but there are productions that are difficult to make, and above all, actors and staff like a family are much more difficult. I thought there was no way i could work together to help them.”

President Kim Sung-kyu told the ceo of EMK Musical Company, “There are about 160 staff members, including ensembles, and about 80 people are the first pieces, so we heard that transportation costs were difficult. I wanted to help.”

Mr. Mum, who is one of the youngest of the producers, said, “When the seniors asked me to give them a proposal and let me do it, the stage art was great. I started what I wasn’t doing anywhere.”

“There are a lot of big theater musicals, there are a lot of investors, and there are no investors from January. I’ve been away since Corona 19 and I can’t invest.”

“Even though all the production companies are looking at the deficit so far, I have made an offer for the actors and staff, and i have seen them participate happily, and I have hoped that they will be able to overcome it.”

Earlier this year, Mr. Park also preserved some of the guarantees of the actor and staff who were with me and his father in the mid-closing drama “Mamma Mia,” a musical that was canceled due to Corona 19. Mr. Mum had also paid about 500 million won in advance for the show to seven partners who were working on three musical sequels scheduled for this year.

The message of the gala concert, directed by Park Myung-sung, is also compressed by a teaser video featuring the great actor Park Chung-ja comforting the Corona 19 era. It’s not just a gala concert where musical stars perform a few songs in a screen like never before, but a convergence of stories and technology. Mr. Park said, “It’s a story about future generations.”

The show aims to raise approximately KRW 500 million to help overcome the Corona crisis. The fund is operated through the Sejong Cultural Center and the Fund Steering Committee, which is organized by external personnel.

The goal is to provide 1 million won to 500 musical actors and staff for basic living support. The size may vary depending on the final base price. It also receives voluntary sponsorship through online sponsorship of actors and audiences. Producers also agreed to contribute.

Kim Sung-kyu, president of the Sejong Cultural Center, who is the first accountant and president of the Sejong Cultural Center, said, “The right to enjoyment of culture and art cannot be replaced with anything else, and when the structure of the art industry collapses, it costs enormous to re-establish it.”

“Mozart!” at the Grand Theater in June. Mr. Kim, who has been performing reliably, said, “The concert is not worried about the eight top producers in South Korea, but i will consider how to benefit more people by operating the venue well and managing the proceeds and donations well.” The Sejong Cultural Center also donated 90 million won for the project.

Mr. Kim said, “What worries me more than fundraising is the distribution. We are also concerned about transparency and tax issues. I think it would be the greatest advantage to overcome Corona 19 if we work together to overcome the crisis.”

He pointed out what is needed to realistically overcome the difficulties caused by Corona 19. Mr. Sul said, “We should work together at the national level, rather than ending the discussion of overcoming difficulties in the private sector.” There is a way to return the tax-exempt portion to a certain fund.” He added, “There is a way to pay on a worker’s basis, rather than being covered by insurance for each performance.”

As there is a lot of discussion, Song Seung-hwan said it is important to create a place where people can gather steadily for related discussions. Mr. Park also said, “We will revitalize the meeting so that we can cope with the new environment and further develop the musical industry.”

Ye Ju-yeol said, “If one person is not troubled, but if everyone is troubled, there will be a momentum that can overcome the crisis, and the musical world can be industrialized and developed. We hope that this donation concert will create a structure that will allow us to live together in a small way.”

Top musical actors will appear at the concert. Kang Hong-seok, Kim Sun-young, Kim So-hyang, Kim So-hyun, Kim So-ha, Kim So-hyung, Kim Woo-hyung, Kim, Kim Ho-young, Lisa, Michael Lee, Min Kyung-ah, Min Min-ki, Min Woo-hyuk, Park Kang-hyun, Park Eun-tae, Park Hye-na, Son Joon-ho, Son Joon-ho, 37 people, including Shin Young-sook, Ivy, Yang Jun-mo, Okju-hyun, Yoon-yoon, Yoon Young-seok, Eun-seon-ryul, Jang Na-ah, JeonNa-dong, Jeong Seon-ah, Sung-hwa, Jung, Cha Delay, Choi Garden, Choi Jae-rim, and Hong Ji-min, decided to make an appearance. Music director Kim Moon-jung is also involved.

As nam-gyeong, the highest-ranking musical director, has donated a small amount of money along with the cast, other actors are expected to participate in the relay. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the launch of The Musical, korea’s only musical magazine.

Tickets for the show can be booked from 2pm on November 11 at the Sejong Cultural Center website and major reservations.


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