As smartphone usage increased due to corona 19, overall app usage such as gaming, finance, conference, and education showed an explosive increase. In the first half of this year, app downloads reached 64 billion and consumer spending reached an all-time high of 59 trillion won.

Consumer spending increased 10 percent from the second half of last year to $6.8 billion in May, according to the Mobile Data and Analytics Platform AppAni’s Mobile Status Report for the first half of 2020, which was $50 billion in the second half of last year. This is approximately 59.375 billion won in our money, and both iOS and Google Play are the highest-performing companies in the half year. The number of app downloads peaked in April 2020, surpassing 64 billion in the second half of last year, up 10% from the second half of last year.

The hours of use have also increased. The proliferation of Corona19 has increased the number of hours at home, with smartphone users worldwide spending 1.6trillion hours on mobile in the past six months. In Particular, in April, 27% (4.3 hours) of the average waking time per day was spent on mobile. That’s a 20% increase from 2019. Based on the quarter, the highest average mobile usage time per day, Indonesia ranked #1 in usage time (6 hours). India and Brazil came in second (4.8 hours), followed by China (4.4 hours) and South Korea (3.9 hours).

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With the expansion of telecommuting, the use of work apps has also increased dramatically. Compared to Q4 2019, business time growth in Q2 2020 was the highest growth rate in India at 450%. Korea surpassed the global average of 220% to 325%. Four of the five most time-consuming business apps were video conferencing apps by global standards, excluding China. The first place was won by the Zoom Cloud Meeting. The second place was won by Microsoft Teams, the third place was “Google Mitt”, and the fifth place was “Cisco WebX Meeting”.

With the restriction of outings, tv shows and movies were spent on mobile at home, video streaming app usage increased 25% in q2 2020 compared to q4 2019.

Corona19 has made the economy difficult, and more users are looking for financial apps. In Brazil, the average monthly financial app usage increased by 105% in April 2020 compared to Q4 2019. In June, South Korea saw a 70% increase over q4 2019, the second-highest growth rate during the Corona 19 pandemic period worldwide.

As online classes were conducted at the training site, the time spent using educational apps increased dramatically. Looking at the increase in training app usage in Q2 2020 compared to Q4 2019, Korea saw a 55% increase. Brazil was the highest at 200%, followed by Japan (85%) and Indonesia (80%) It was investigated in order.

“There’s no doubt that Corona19 has dramatically changed people’s lives around the world, and during this time consumers have become dependent on smartphones,” said AppAni, “Mobile is a portal that enables communities, games, leisure, education, and so on, and companies should prioritize launching apps and updating features.”

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