People line up to buy firearms in front of a gun store in Culver City, California, USA, on March 15. AP News

Gun sales in the United States are at an all-time high this year. In the aftermath of the proliferation of new coronavirus (Corona19), social unrest has escalated, and Americans are trying to buy firearms to defend themselves.

The u.S. presidential election in November this year added to the political turmoil, raising concerns in the United States about gunfire between the Trump camp and Democratic supporters and the accidental mass shootings.

The National Daily, an analysis of yearly, monthly, and regional data from the FBI’s National Crime History Instant Inquiry System (NICS) on August 8, showed that 25,933,4334 legally attempted purchases of firearms were made between January and August of this year.

There is no accurate data in the United States that accurately aggregates the sales of firearms sold throughout the country. The FBI’s NICS is the most credible source of confidence in these situations. The New York Times (NYT) reported that at least 20 million firearms would have been sold in the United States this year, based on NICS.

An employee at a gun store in Bunnizi, near Washington, D.C., said, “Guns are not sold very much compared to other areas, but the increase in gun sales has increased, and women and elderly people who are relatively vulnerable to protecting themselves have come to visit since Corona 19.”

U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Nics (National Criminal History Immediate Investigation System) data. The number of criminal history inquiries per year for the purchase of firearms. This year was not counted until August, but it is nearing an all-time high. Graphic: Forward Reporter

Boosting anxiety such as robbery and murder concerns among the unemployed

Record gun sales in the United States are the biggest social anxiety caused by Corona19. Corona 19 has led to a surge in unemployment, bankruptcy, and family breakdown, leading to fears of a surge in robberies and murders by people who suddenly have a hard life and who are in severe psychological turmoil. An unprecedented anomaly has resulted in historic gun sales.

The number of black deaths and the resulting black protests by U.S. police since May has also contributed to record gun sales. Concerns about social disorders are also one of the reasons firearms are sold as if they were wings.

In addition, the Brookings Institution explained that the growing trend of citizens self-armed is being armed as the u.S. police abuse of public power spurred the proliferation of claims to stop and reduce budget support for the police.

The Trump administration’s failure to take strong self-isolation measures in response to Corona 19 is also based on President Trump’s presidential-conscious intentions, but there are concerns that the number of unemployed and unemployed could increase, as the number of unemployed and unemployed could increase.

The FBI’s National Criminal History Instant Investigation System (NICS), analyzed by The People’s Daily, is a process that must be followed by a legal firearm buyer. A person who wants to buy a firearm should be examined by telephone or online just before purchasing a criminal hisor. NICS was introduced to prevent criminal convicts, illegal immigrants, and people with mental problems from purchasing firearms.

“NICS data does not imply gun sales perfectly,” the Brookings Institution, a U.S. think tank, said in a report released July 13, “but nics data is very relevant to gun sales and is widely used by researchers.” NICS began in November 1998.

U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Nics (National Criminal History Immediate Investigation System) data. From January to August of this year, the number of monthly crime history inquiries. June, when corona19 and black death protests overlapped, peaked to date. Graphic: Forward Reporter

Corona 19, 3.93 million gun purchases in June alone overlapped with black protests

An analysis of NICS showed that from January to August this year, 25,933,4334 cases of criminal history were counted in the United States for legally buying firearms. The average number of views was 324,1791 per month.

The year that had the highest number of views since NICS was implemented was 28,369,750 last year. However, if the current trend is to break this record in September or October of this year. Gun sales in the United States peaked in 2016, then fell and then increased again.

In particular, the number of views in June of this year peaked on a monthly basis. That’s a whopping 3.93 million. In June, the social fear of Corona 19 was prolonged and the recession accumulated.

Rifles are displayed at a gun store in Rochester, Washington, USA. AP News

In early and mid-June, protests erupted nationwide in the early and mid-June of a black George Floyd death by a white police officer on May 25. “June’s record-breaking views were the result of the corona19 uncertainty and the confusion caused by black protests,” the Associated Press reported.

March is also a remarkable month. In February, the number of views, which had 2.8 million views, surged to 3.74 million in March, a surge of 940,000. “When Corona 19 hit the United States, and big cities like New York started taking ‘stay at home’ measures,” Forbes said, “Americans bought or stockpiled firearms because of concerns about socio-economic uncertainty.”

Protests erupted nationwide on May 25, shortly after the death of george Floyd, a black man, who was strangled by a white police officer. Some black protests have been turned into looting and arson. A young man holds a skateboard at the scene of an arson during a black death protest in Los Angeles on May 30. AP News

40% of gun buyers this year, first-time gun buyers

A new pattern of gun sales in the United States this year is that more people are buying firearms for the first time. The American Shooting Sports Association said about 40 percent of gun buyers this year are first-time buyers. As more and more first-time buyers of firearms are unfamiliar with firearms, safety concerns are also rising in the course of shooting and storage.

David Chipman, who works for a gun control organization after retiring from the U.S. government’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, told The Associated Press that “the surge in gun sales is no longer a temporary phenomenon, and will continue to lead to unprecedented increasein gun sales over the next few months.”

Analysis of nics state data showed that the number of purchases of firearms was not proportional to the population. By August of this year, Illinois had 517,9673 cases of criminal history for purchasing firearms in the United States. Illinois has a population of 12.65 million, making it the sixth-largest population in the United States, but with the highest number of firearms hits. Illinois’s high percentage of gun purchases are also attributed to Chicago, which has a high number of violent incidents.

Kentucky is a more dramatic example. Kentucky ranked second in gun purchase scandal this year with 2,328,237 cases. However, Kentucky has a population of 4.5 million, ranking 26th in the United States as a whole. Kentucky’s high gun ownership rate is due to lax regulatory measures. In Kentucky, there is no age limit for the purchase of automatic rifles.

Firearms also showed more white people than blacks. In a 2017 report, the Pew Research Center, a nonprofit organization, found that 49 percent of white families have firearms, and 32 percent of black families have firearms.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s assertion that the postal voting system, which is expected to be extended to Corona 19, would lead to a fraudulent election, suggesting the possibility of a presidential election rejection is also a factor that raises tensions. President Trump visits Jupiter, Florida, to discuss environmental policy on August 8 (local time). AP News

Corona 19, racism, presidential elections, etc.

“Traditionally, in the year of the U.S. presidential election, gun sales have increased,” he said, “because of the fear that gun control could be done after the candidate who won the presidential election took office.”

The Brookings Institution noted that “in areas where racial discrimination is frequent, there has been an increase in the number of firearms purchase scans.”

This year, social unrest against the Corona19 spread, black death protests, presidential elections and other gunpowder are everywhere. You don’t know when and where the trigger will be pulled.

President Donald Trump is amplifying this anxiety. He said the postal voting system, which would be expanded by Corona 19, could lead to fraudulent elections, and he is already open to the possibility of a presidential election. On May 29, when black death protests began to spread like wildfire, President Trump was harshly criticized for posting a Twitter post that “shooting begins when looting begins.”

Concerns have not subsided that political turmoil over the outcome of the US presidential election will create a massive disturbance, including a shootout.

Washington correspondent Ha Yun-hae

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