“I think it’s an honor to be able to have fun in the Corona Blue era based on a mature citizenship, © news1.” (Shin Hye-sun)

There’s a delightful crime movie that will fly corona blue. Now hoon and Cho-jin have transformed into a playful character through “Stealing”, and there is already high expectations. Lee Hee also heralds the transformation of a sexy character and adds anticipation.

On June 6, at 11 a.m., you will see a press conference for the production of the movie “The Dogo” (directed by Park Chung-bae). Director Park Chung-bae, Lee Seung-hoon, Cho So-jin, Shin Hye-sun, and Lee Hye-hee attended the meeting.

“The Robbery” is a crime-comedy film in which the innate genius robber Kang Dong-gu (Lee Hoon-min) unravels the artifacts hidden in the ground with experts from all over the country, and lee Hoon Chou-jin and Hye-sun Shin are featured in this thrilling game. She has been the assistant director of various works regardless of genre, including “Cheong-yeon,” “Crucible,” and “She WonEast Sea and directed by Park Chung-bae, who has been active in Chungmuro for a long time. “Stealing” has completed a detailed narrative structure to realistically embody the world of the robbery that the audience was unaware of. It is a story about the Hwangju-sun Buddha Statue, the Koguryo Tomb Mural, and the best treasures of Korea buried in the sun’s tomb in the middle of Gangnam, and the events are composed of artifacts that are fiction but seem to be real. Based on these stories, the four thieves cultivate an exhilarating plate of robbers.

It is also expected that the four-person, four-color robber character that makes up the team play is also expected. Attractive characters from the innate genius robber Kang Dong-gu (Lee Hoon-min), the go-to mural robber Dr. Jones (Cho Jin-min), the elite curator yoon sil-jang (Shin Hye-sun) and the legendary shovel master Shovel Bridge (Lee Sang-hee) gathered together to complete korea’s best robbery team.

First, Director Park Chung-bae introduced “The Robbery.” “From the title to the ‘robbery’, it’s a fun film where you can experience a new point that you didn’t know about the robbery,” he said. In addition to the actors here, there are a lot of good actors out there. I think you can look forward to it.”

He also heard the reasons for the actors’ appearances. He wondered how he could make a crime-making movie based on a robbery, and the laughter continued throughout the scenario. I chose the characters because they were so alive and ensemble that they thought they would love the audience when they came out in the movie.”

“The strength of the scenario was greatest. On average, he spends three to four hours reading on scenarios, but he said, “The robbery was read in an hour and a half,” and he confessed, “I’ve been friends with the creators of the previous cast,” and he said, “I’ve been in a relationship with the creators of “South Korea Acid”, and i’ve become cold-hearted when i say that My brother, Mr. Seung-hee, does it.”

Shin Hye-sun said, “I also had a funny scenario. “I was attracted to the characters because they had a different charm,” he says, “and i had more fun with other characters than my characters. I wondered how it would come out. I saw the scenario and chose it immediately.”

“I read and choose scenarios. “I read the scenario in 44 minutes. Also, the shovel character was so good. I want to play this character more than the main character.

The cast of the actors were also revealed. Park said, “I first received the scenario and started working on the adaptation, and i had in mind.” He continued, “I know that He is not the best actor of his peers. He thought acting was the best, so there was no reason not to cast. I was so happy to be cast.”

As for Cho U-jin, “Joujin is a good performer who is delicious everywhere in the roles of previous films. I was an actress I wanted to try once, but I had a relationship with the ceo of the production company. There was nothing to worry about or hesitate about.”

“Shin Hye-sun was a fan of me. He was a good actor. We seemed to be doing well in our film as an elite curator. I have a scene where I speak Japanese Chinese, and he did very well. It wasn’t the best cast. The Japanese teacher was more japanese than the Japanese.”

Regarding Executive Hee, he corrected the scenario because he was just two people when he heard about the actor. He showed his affection by saying, “The shovel is just executive hee itself.” He was thrilled, “I feel like I’ve used all my blessings here for the rest of my life from my first work.”

The actors also heralded their acting transformations. He said, “It seems that we’ve poured out all the things we haven’t shown so far through the ‘stealing’.”

He continued, “I’m going to show you everything, so I didn’t say ,” “This is the encyclopedia of charm.” He confided that kangdong-gu’s character should be a keyword, and that it can be thought of as “slick” and “eloquent.” He said, “This is the first time I’ve ever had a character like this. If I think there is such a part of me, i don’t think so,” he said, adding, “I had a great time playing because I felt like I had a stage where I could play naturally.”

“I’ve been in a suit for a long time,” Cho said. He continued, “I’ve never had a lot of people laugh when I’ve ever blushed, offended, or rang the audience.”

He said, “So i decided to play with my heart’s content because I could do something new that I hadn’t done so far.” He added, “I think it’s going to be a very light-hearted character that’s flying like a feather than the character you’ve seen before.” “It’s a hairy Jones Indiana Jones. Brother Harrison Ford is a profound, gentle Indiana Jones, and I’m a funny guy.”

Hye-sun Shin said, “My role is to be a brilliant curator who looks at the value of the artifacts at a glance.” This person is worthy, not good enough to judge. I was such an intelligent and sophisticated friend, and I tried to find that in me.”

He introduced his role as a “shovel”, and laughed when he said, “I’m actually good at shoveling.” He continued, “I love selling everything. He added with a smile, adding, “I did a lot of shoveling in the army.” “The person i referenced was the legendary sexy actor Antonio Banderas,” he said, “trying to portray him as a sexy, cool and sleazy character.” Afterwards, Hee-hee said, “I’d like to raise someone like that,” and he said, “I’m going to be so sexy.”

The actors are also expected to breathe. “In the scenario, the characters were all too shiny. You must check this combination in the theater.”

Cho u-jin said, “I had good memories with Mr. Lee during the drama ‘The Secret Door’.” Then he had the opportunity to perform with his senior son, and it was intense. “I was very good at acting, but when I watched the film, I thought, “I want to meet you soon,” and “I want to do it,” and that was the biggest reason i could choose this work. I wanted to meet too much.”

Cho u-jin said, “I don’t even have a preconceived notion before I met with Jehoon in a movie, but I don’t feel like imagining and thinking. It seemed like a brother more than me, but it was a reversal. He was a man who was hit by a bear, and he was so cute and affectionate. We also had a pre-comedy. I think it was better because i had a lot of rice, talked about it, and i became friendly through the process, and had a similar attitude of caring.”

He replied, “You’ve got everything you throw, and you’ve got that belief, so you can play with excitement.”

“The Robbery” is the first korean film to be based on a robbery. Park said, “The main focus was art,” and he thought about the space and worked hard. It was built on a set of tunnels, tombs, ditches, sewers, tombs, and even the sun’s tombs in Gangnam. I worked with realism so that the audience could enjoy the movie and enjoy it.” The actresseschewed her confidence that “it’s going to be spectacular and good for your eyes.”

In June, Shin Hye-sun met with the audience in a “steal” following the film “Innocence.” “Corona 19 is getting a lot longer,” he said, “and unfortunately, both of the films are released in Corona 19,” and “the high sense of citizenship has made it so well that it’s being carried out in theaters. I think it’s an honor to be able to give joy to the Corona Blue era with the premise of mature citizenship.”

Shin Hye-sun also announced, “If he was serious about trying to uncover the truth in “Innocence,”” he said, “It’s a serious, but different charm character, so you can show a different charm.”

Meanwhile, “The Stealing” will be released in November.

(Seoul News1)

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