Some have been on the virus for months, such as fatigue, pain, and shortness of breath, and are estimated to induce changes in the immune system.

Some last for months, including fatigue, pain, and shortness of breath.

Estimating the virus in parts of the body or inducing changes in the immune system

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U.S. President Donald Trump, who has a new coronavirus infection (Corona19), left the hospital on May 5 (local time) three days after he was hospitalized and returned to the White House.

Before leaving the military hospital, President Trump said on Twitter, “Don’t be afraid of Corona19. We have developed some really great medicine and knowledge under the Trump administration.”

It is true that most of those infected with Corona19, such as President Trump, recover after a short period of mild symptoms.

However, some experience fatigue, persistent pain, and shortness of breath that last for months.

Long-term symptoms, called “long covid”, are a factor that worsens people’s lives.

The BBC revealed on 6 June that the focus had been on saving people’s lives during the Corona 19 pandemic, but now there is a growing awareness of the long-term effects of infection.

He explained why some people suffer from long-term aftereffects and whether all infected persons can fully recover.

◇Long Corveid’s most common feature is fatigue

There is no clear medical definition of “Long Corby” There are not any universal symptoms that can be seen in all patients. Two ‘Long Corby’ patients may have different symptoms.

However, the most common feature is fatigue.

In addition, shortness of breath and continued cough, joint and muscle pain, hearing and visual impairment, headache, sense of smell and taste loss, heart and lungs, kidney and intestine damage, etc. are also included in the symptoms.

You may have mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and clear accident loss.

One Corona19 infected person said he “felt fatigue disinged like never before.”

“There is no question that ‘Long Corbide’ exists,” said Professor David Strain of the University of Exeter in southern England.

◇ How many people experience it?

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), an analysis of 143 Corona 19 discharged patients at rome’s largest hospital showed that 87 percent of all symptoms persisted for at least one symptom for almost two months. More than half suffered from fatigue.

According to the Corbyn symptom tracking app, which is used by four million people in the UK, 12% of confirmed symptoms still suffered symptoms after 30 days.

2% of 50 people continued to have long-corbyn symptoms after 90 days.

◇ If the symptoms of Corona 19 are severe, it leads to ‘long corveid’

The more severe the symptoms, the longer they are.

A Dublin study found that half felt fatigued 10 weeks after being infected with Corona19. One-third were physically unable to return to work.

Doctors have not yet found a correlation between the severity of the symptoms and fatigue.

It is said that one of the symptoms of “Long Corveid” is that it manifests exhaustion.

Professor Chris Breitling of the University of Leicester explained that those who showed pneumonia after being infected with Corona19 could experience more problems due to damage to their lungs.

◇ How does the virus cause ‘long corbaid’

There is speculation, but no clear answer has yet been given.

First of all, the virus has disappeared most of the body, but it can still remain in a small part.

Professor Tim Spector, of King’s College London, said: “If you continue to have diarrhea, the virus may remain in the intestines and if the taste loss persists, it may remain in the nerves and cause problems.”

Coronavirus directly affects various types of cells in the human body, which can trigger an excessive immune response and cause damage to the entire body.

One guess is that the immune system does not return to normal after Corona 19, which leads to deterioration in health.

Infection can also cause changes in the functioning of human organs. Severe acute respiratory syndrome, another coronavirus, is particularly affected by the case of a wound in the lungs (sars· The same was true for SARS-CoV-1 and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).

Corona 19 may alter the body’s metabolism. There are also cases where diabetes appears after infection, and difficulties in controlling blood sugar levels.

There are early indications that the Corona19 virus is also causing changes in brain structure, but this is still something that needs to be identified.

It may cause blood-related abnormalities, including abnormal clotting, or damage to the blood network that supplies blood to the body.

◇ Long-term aftereffects are unusual?

Fatigue and cough ingested with a particular virus is common, and often takes a long time to fully recover from the virus.

1 in 10 patients with glandular fever (glandular fever) may have fatigue that lasts several months.

Seasonal flu is also associated with symptoms similar to Parkinson’s disease.

Professor Breitling explained, however, that “Corona19 has a much broader range of symptoms, and it appears that many people suffer from long-term aftereffects.”

However, he said it is difficult to say how common “Long Corveid” is because he does not yet fully know about coronavirus.

◇ Can you fully recover from ‘Long-Corveid’?

People who suffer from “long-corves” are declining over time.

However, corona 19 first appeared at the end of last year, and since the beginning of this year, it has spread around the world, so there is a lack of long-term data.

Professor Breitling said, “I’m sure there are very few people who have been suffering from symptoms for more than a year, but I may have been wrong.”

People who appear to have fully recovered from Corona 19 may continue to face risk, especially those with chronic fatigue syndrome who are more likely to be infected again.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that widespread inflammation of the coronavirus can lead to heart-related problems at a relatively young age.

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